November 17 2017

You Beat had an interview with Florian Picasso during Amsterdam Dance Event

During Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 You Beat interviewed the artist Florian Picasso read the interview below.

1. Your collaboration with Nicky Romero, called “Only For Your Love”, is out now after ADE days. How the project was born and how do you feel while working with an artist of such a level?
The thing with being a part of this industry is that most of us run into each other at festivals, clubs, Miami Music Week, ADE.. So we kind of all know each other and are familiar with each other. Nicky is a good friend of mine and we like to share music and work on ideas together.

2. We know something about your attachment to Asia. What does it mean for you to have done a little tour homeland?
Of course! It feels really good to play shows there. I play in so many countries and but when I played in Vietnam it was something new. When you’re there experiencing and seeing everything you feel connected to, it makes me feel a bit nostalgic but good, you know?!

3. In 2016 you ranked the 36th place in the DJ MAG TOP 100 djs, what do you think about this classification and which place do you expect to rank this year?
I feel honoured to even be in this list! I can’t believe I’m on it again, it’s such a satisfying feeling when you work hard and these things remind you that it’s not for nothing.

4. You definitely have a great fashion/art sense, do you think this is somehow related to your great-grandfather Pablo Picasso?
Thank you so much! He’s not influencing me directly but in a way he inspired me in this process of creativity. Never stop creating stuff, always pushing boundaries..

5. Is there any future project? Tracks, tours, collaborations?
There’s a lot of stuff coming, I’m on tour in Asia this month in Jakarta (Dragon Fly) and playing the Jigsaw Festival in Macau, China. Also, I’m excited to play the MAD Club in Lausanne (Switzerland). So, some fun gigs coming up and of course there’s music coming.. I will drop a Free Download somewhere this month and there will be a release on Musical Freedom soon.

Source: You Beat

Florian Picasso