Just like it all started 10 years ago… It’s simple: We offer any form of PR service for the entertainment industry… Globally.


We offer a full range of promotional services, covering TV, radio, online and print in any required combination. Our wealth of experience and our excellent relationships ensure a thorough approach, while our youthful team keep us on the cutting edge of new opportunities and platforms. We will make sure the world knows your story.


Our team of young creatives work collaboratively to deliver the BIG idea. Relying on experience and knowledge of what works, while remaining at the forefront of the digital evolution, we find the insights and use our imagination to create the extraordinary. We believe anything is possible.


Through a mix of communications, marketing, digital platforms and leading portals or brands, we develop integrated strategies tailored to each client. We break down goals, map out each step, and continually assess and adjust to enhance the success of every campaign. By strategically engaging with the right audiences over time, we earn lasting trust for our brands and longstanding loyalty for our artists.


We specialize in managing brand partnerships for forward-thinking companies who want to partner with artists on music-led campaigns. We create concepts, advise on suitable talent, set up and maintain relationships and advise brands on how to communicate and launch their partnership campaigns.


From planning to execution, we offer a full range of production services to launch any event or project from start to finish. With a proactive approach, we see the big picture, flagging opportunities to heighten success along the way, while our eye for detail ensures no stone is left unturned.


With our knowledge of the music & entertainment industry, our network of key influencers – from prominent promoters to major broadcasters and record labels – we bring projects together to exceed our artist’s goals. We position our artists with passion, proudly guiding them through every milestone in their career.