November 5 2021

WE’RE LOOKING FOR NEW INTERNS – The ins and outs of an internship at The Media Nanny

Thinking about applying for an internship at The Media Nanny? Our current and previous interns have answered all your burning questions about the ins and outs of being an intern at The Media Nanny. Check out their answers below!

Get to know 5 of our current and former interns!
Tess: My name is Tess, I’m 23 years old and I started my internship at The Media Nanny in August 2021. Currently I’m in last phase of my study Business Administration in Hospitality Management at Hotelschool The Hague, Campus Amsterdam. Besides my background in hospitality I have always had a big passion for music and events and therefore decided to apply for an internship at The Media Nanny. I was very interested in seeing what this side of the industry has to offer and really enjoy learning all new skills now whilst combining my love for music, events and people.

IrisMy name is Iris, I’m 23 years old and I started my internship at The Media Nanny in September 2021. I always said I wanted to apply for an internship at The Media Nanny. So, when I saw that they were looking for new interns, I knew I needed to apply. I’m still studying Communication at Hogeschool Utrecht, but I have big interest in Public Relations. I love that I can combine my interest in PR with working for my favorite artists and events.

Jaelle: My name is Jaëlle-Laurence, I’m 23 years old and I did my internship at The Media Nanny from September 2019 until January 2020. I’m from Switzerland and after my Bachelor’s in Switzerland I decided to apply for a Master in Entertainment Communication at the University of Amsterdam. When The Media Nanny was looking for interns during the last semester of my Master’s I did not hesitate one second and applied for it. I now work full time at The Media Nanny as a Junior PR Manager.

Nico: My name is Nico van der Woude, I’m 23 and I was born and raised in Curaçao. I did my internship at The Media Nanny from February 2020 until June 2020. I then stayed on as PR Assistant until February 2021 and I am now finishing my studies while doing an internship at SEG Artists.

Maud: My name is Maud Borgmans, I’m 24 years old and I started my internship at The Media Nanny back in 2018. For my studies CO-IEMES at Fontys in Tilburg I got the opportunity to do an internship and I immediately knew I wanted to do my internship at The Media Nanny. After my internship I got to stay at The Media Nanny, where I combined the last 1,5 years of my studies with working for the company. As of last year I’m back full time!

What does a typical day as an intern look like?
Tess: Every day is different! Mostly we work from the office and there is a lot of work ‘behind the scenes’. Therefore it is really nice to work towards a physical event such as ADE this year. That week all nannies were running around the city from event to event and then I got to experience what it is that we work towards to and where our efforts pay off to.

What’s your best memory during your internship?
Jaelle: I have a lot of good memories of my internship and I think what I do this day still enjoy the most is our team. We’re a small team so we all get to work together which I believe makes a real difference when it comes to sphere and bonds with your colleagues. We’re all supportive of each other and there’s always someone there to help if needed. We have a lot of fun together and are masters at throwing Vrijmibos 🙂  When it comes to one of the best memories during my internship it would probably have to be ADE 2019, my amazing supervisor Cathelijne took me along with her to all the events and shows she had to attend and it was great to get to experience that part of the job.

What was your favorite thing to do during your internship?
IrisThere were a lot of things during my internship I liked to do. If I must choose, then working towards the press day for ADE and on the press day itself, was one of my favorite things to do. I really learned a lot during that period.

What is a skill you feel you’ve really improved?
Tess: Prioritising! At this job there is a lot of work on many different accounts. I think that is a lot of fun, however, it also means you need to switch between different task on a fast pace sometimes. That means it is important you know what task has priority and what task you can do a bit later on. I am still learning to have the full overview over what happens where, when and with who, but it is one of the most important skills to have obtained and use during this internship.

How were you involved/integrated within the team?
Nico: I immediately felt very welcome within the team. It’s a small team so we all spend a lot of time together and everyone gets along. Even though I was the only guy in the office, it was not a problem at all for me to claim my spot amongst all the women. I had a great connection with my supervisor Cathelijne and always had a lot of fun during work and during our legendary Vrijmibos.

What changed when you got the job after the internship?
Maud: During my internship I worked at a lot of different accounts for the various PR Managers, when I got the job I got assigned more specific accounts to work on. Because you get a few specific accounts to work on, you can go more in depth with each account. You get some more responsibility which of course grows as you grow as well.

What are your responsibilities as an intern at TMN?
Iris: As an intern you are responsible for things like putting together press releases, setting up contact lists, finding publications, pitching media outlets and uploading new press releases. Together with my fellow interns I am also responsible for the socials of The Media Nanny. I was assigned to a few main accounts, but you get tasks from everyone. Every day is different!

What basic skills come in handy when you start as an intern?
Nico: It’s very important to have a hands on mentality and to take initiative wherever you can. Other than that you need good writing skills in PR and basic Office and Photoshop skills always come in handy.

What quality you have made your colleagues very happy?
Jaelle: I always like to plan ahead and to start working on the next step immediately. I think my colleagues really like that because when they ask for something I have usually started to work on it already.

What’s the best thing about being an intern at The Media Nanny?
Iris: The best thing about being an intern at The Media Nanny is working alongside and learning from a motivated, fun and experienced PR team. The Media Nanny also has a variety of clients. One moment you are making an influencer list for a brand and the other moment you are working on a press release for an artist. Because of the variety you will learn a lot about the different aspects of PR.

Any tips for future interns?
Nico: Be organised and be flexible. In the beginning you won’t get a lot of tasks, but after a while, you’ll be super busy so it’s good to then have a clear overview/list of your tasks.
Tess: Be yourself and show your passion! You are here to learn and you can get out of it what you put into it.

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