April 10 2017

Tritonal’s new song ‘Hey MaMaMa’ gets featured on Billboard

The guys from Tritonal are back with their second release of the year called ‘Hey MaMaMa’. The track was featured on Billboard this Friday. Read all about what they had to say down below.

“The ’80s were an epic time. The hair was big, the clothes were loud, and the music was truly hitting an emotional peak. Even the tunes that fade into memory have moments that stick in our cultural craw. Take Dream Academy’s “Life in a Northern Town.” In 1986, it became a Hot 100 top 10 hit thanks to its wistful melody and iconic “hey mamama” hook — just one of those refrains that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.”

“That hook was sampled in the ’98 by house producer Dario G on his track “Sunchyme,” and today, almost 20 years later, it gets another refresher as part of Tritonal’s latest single, the aptly titled “Hey MaMaMa.” The Tritonal tune begins soft and sweet, like sunrise over a valley, and becomes just as brilliant and bold as the midday sun.”

Source: Billboard

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