September 23 2016


Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, who are better known as Tritonal, have definitely managed to make a name for themselves in the dance music industry. The duo, which was formed back in 2008, has already accomplished many great things, going from releasing a lot of chart-topping singles, to playing at some of the world’s biggest festivals and even co-owing their own record label, Enhanced Music, alongside Will Holland. And these are just to name a few!

Now, the guys have released a brand new album, entitled “Painting With Dreams”, that has already reached a massive success and they’ve also embarked on a supporting tour, which is going to end on October 29th. We’ve had the chance to catch up with Chad and Dave, so if you want to find out more about their new album or about what’s coming next for them, check out our exclusive interview below!

Hello, guys. How have you been lately?
Hi! We’re doing great actually, super busy at the minute as we’ve just kicked off our Painting With Dreams Album Tour. So far we’ve hit New Orleans, Las Vegas, Austin and Los Angeles!

First of all, we’d like to know more about your brand new album „Painting With Dreams”. For how long have you been working on it?
We’ve been working on it a good two years now! Funny though, there are many years behind that have built us up to releasing this album. We spent a lot of time, carefully piecing it together, spending much of our time in many writing sessions in LA, Nashville, Austin and even Australia! It’s been a whirlwind of work but we’re so happy to finally share ‘Painting with Dreams.’ (You can listen the album below and grab a copy here).

You’ve chosen a really beautiful title for this production. What was the inspiration behind it?
Thanks, we love the title! If we were to boil down Tritonal’s productions to their core, most are uplifting emotional records. We wrote this album with that emotion in mind, that “dream like state” that music provides as an escape to the chaos in life. Painting represents our artistic input on coloring this album over the course of two years while producing it.

What was the most difficult challenge you’ve encountered while creating this album? How did you overcome it?
We’ve encountered quite a few of the usual conundrums on the duration of the album process overall. Of course, the usual writers block which happens, technical issues, etc. I’d have to say the one major thing that was quite bothersome was incorporating this piece of gear we have. It works really well but is quite a process to use. For instance, on ‘Getaway,’ we had to go back about 34 times to mix it down correctly with the unit! It’s crazy but it sounds great ?

Which song would you guys say is your personal favorite off the album?
Tricky! Obviously a couple of the singles are no brainer choices, Blackout and Broken. That said, I think it’s probably the last song on the album, “Only Mortal” which represents Tritonal at the core of our art.

How do you feel about the great response you’ve received from your fans until now?
No words! We feel amazing! It’s been so much work, traveling, sacrifices. We’re so thankful to our fans, or our “Tritonians,” for enjoying our new album and showing their support! We love you!

I’ve seen that you’re also going to embark on a massive tour in support of „Painting With Dreams”. Do you have anything special planned for this? What should your fans expect to see?
Well we definitely worked hard on the production, and the Visuals for this tour. Every track has its own movie basically, and a lot of these have never been seen before this tour!

Apart from your album and the tour, what else have you got coming up/are you excited about?
We’re thrilled to be already working on new material, getting some studio upgrades for the year ahead, watching our kids grow and begin to enjoy life and Chad is currently building a new studio he’s pumped about! We’re excited all around!

Via: EDM Nations