December 7 2021

The Scumfrog releases nine exclusive tracks in collaboration with eight different artists as he launches new collection of music as NFTs

American dance producer The Scumfrog has done a whole lot in his career so far. Four solo albums; plenty of dance chart #1 records; collabs and remixes for the likes of David Bowie, Sting and Missy Elliot; sunrise sets at Burning Man; releases on iconic labels like Bedrock, Knee Deep In Sound and Positiva. Now he’s entering a bold new frontier, releasing his latest collection of productions as NFTs.

“I was very fortunate to be in New Zealand during the first part of 2021, and that’s where I started to work on these new songs” he says of the new music. “With a giant blank canvas, infinite possibilities, and no deadlines, I collaborated with artists from different disciplines, like Trey Ratcliff and Annika Rhea. Their work inspires me, and it didn’t matter that we had not figured out how to market such collaborations when we started. We just wanted to make cool stuff, and worry about how to market it later.”

The collection of 9 stunning new tracks features 8 collaborators and is presented in video format as a continuous DJ mix, mixed together by The Scumfrog and with each track having its own distinct video identity. Fans can watch the full video stream at www.thescumfrog.com, while the exclusive videos featuring unreleased songs and unique content will be available via RCRDSHP.com from December 7, split across 8 track cards and a 1 bonus rare card for people who buy all the 8 track cards. His Patreon subscribers can get early access to the drop, with a digital wristband giving them 24 hours of early access.

His decision to release the project as NFTs instead of via traditional means was partly spurred by his frustrations around the difficulty in releasing video content in a way that it can be monetised and also provide a good experience for people watching it. “There is YouTube, but they don’t allow you to charge for content, and they have the annoying ads interrupting the flow. RCRDSHP provided a perfectly timed opportunity to create even more value for the content with its revolutionary NFT approach. The streaming platforms and their algorithms have almost completely stripped music of its value. I am very excited to present my new music outside of the big streaming platforms, and give people a chance to truly discover it, and determine its value without the static of algorithms and without the palpable stress of millions of labels competing for streams. I believe that my loss of exposure on the streaming giants is far smaller than the value of getting people’s extended attention.”


RCRDSHP (pronounced “record shop”), is a platform for electronic music enthusiasts which markets packs stuffed with digital collectibles from global dance music artists and brands. RCRDSHP collectibles are more than crypto-glorified MP3s or digital trading cards; this is not another NFT auction or fixed-price marketplace. Each limited-edition collectible encapsulates a unique aspect of an artist, label, or festival brand’s musical worlds: a legendary video moment in front of a crowd or backstage or in the studio, a coveted exclusive track that’s never been heard before, or work of inspiring visual art that takes the fan deeper into that artist’s creative universe. These collectibles are dropped in packs, which can be unwrapped, and their content can be bought and sold, listened to, watched, or even combined using game mechanics to unlock cool, new premium collectibles and even in-real-life experiences. It’s part game, part marketplace, part community space, combined to form the foundation for a full dance music metaverse. The platform aims to lead the way in supporting artists (including smaller producers) fairly by creating an entirely new revenue stream for them, unfortunately something streaming platforms and major players still haven’t gotten right.