June 25 2021

The Media Nanny Festival Passport – Shannon Schrader

It’s time for our brand-new feature: The Media Nanny Festival Passport! Our nannies will share some of their best festival stories with you, like their craziest memory and dream festival lineup. Today, Senior PR Manager, Shannon tells you all about her favorite festivals and more!

My name is: Shannon Schrader
My colleagues call me: Shenkie. Shann – what friends also call me – at some point evolved to Shankenator and then Shenkie or Shenks haha. It was actually some time before De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig released their track ‘Shenkie’. I was stoked that I got my own anthem but when the videoclip came out I learned that ‘Shenkie’ was some chubby 12 year old kid in a tanktop haha. But looking back, that kid had some sick moves, so could be worse. 😉
The first ever festival I’ve been to is: Awakenings Festival, June 30th 2007. One of my best memories is realizing that this was only the start of something really special. It truly felt like home back then and being at a festival (or any dance event for that matter) still does. There’s just something about experiencing music w/ a whole bunch of strangers and friends, being connected, feeling the same. Oh I really cannot wait to dance again – fun fact: it’s tonight!!!!!! Our very own Reinier Zonneveld is kicking this raveseason of w/ an all-nighter in one of the most iconic clubs of the Netherlands: Paradiso. To have his show as the very first I can go to makes it even more special. I will have goosebumbs and tears in my eyes the whole fucking time for sure – and i’ll not be the only one.
My favourite festival I’ve ever been to is: Wildeburg. Aaahh only hearing or saying this name puts a smile on my face. For me, this is my playground. 4 days and nights of getting lost on their intimate yet endless terrain. Since this festival is non-stop 24 hours per day you really lose track of time and can create your own sense of time really. Wanna dance until 11:30 in the morning? Sure! Wanna do a quick disco nap around 18:00? Why not! I fucking love it. At other festivals I’m also obsessing w/ who’s playing when, where my friends are dancing, high five (aka network hehe) in the backstage etc etc, but not w/ Wildeburg. I’m in my own zone, w/ the people that are w/ me at that particular moment. You’ll run into the rest of your friends later somewhere, or not, also fine. I always go w/ a group of 30 friends or more and it really is the highlight of my year. It makes me so sad that for 2 years in a row the festival couldn’t happen – I really cannot wait for next year. I already got my vacation days approved. 😉
The festival that is on my bucket list is: Glastonbury Festival
My favourite drink to have at a festival is: Beer & vodka fuze tea

What were some of the greatest festivals you’ve been to? This list would be endless, but some of my highlights are Awakenings Festival, Audio Obscura, Wildeburg, Nomads, Dekmantel, ASOT, UNTOLD, Neversea, Love Family Park, Time Warp Mannheim, Off Sónar, DGTL, Mysteryland, Welcome to the Future, Amsterdam Open Air, Loveland, 909, GZG Zomerpark, Landjuweel, Manifestival, Lente Kabinet, Appelsap, Amsterdam Dance Event, Thuishaven, Lofi, ZeeZout, Strafwerk, Back to Live Festival, Pleinvrees Dockyard Festival, Buiten Westen, Georgie’s Wundergarten, Oranjebloesem, Komm schon Alter, Next Monday’s Hangover, Festifest, Source Festival, Downton Festival, Park am See, De Zon, Mystic Garden Noordwijk, Circoloco & Het Syndicaat en de geheime tuin.

My ultimate dream line up is:
15:00 – 16:00 Elias Mazian
16:00 – 17:00 Afra
17:00 – 18:00 HAAi
18:00 – 19:00 Goldband
19:00 – 20:00 Armin van Buuren (a trance intermezzo)
20:00 – 21:00 me (dj) x Dixon
21:00 – 22:00 Job Jobse x Dj Tennis
22:00 – 23:00 KI/KI (starting back to back w/ Job, after that solo)
23:00 – 00:00 Reinier Zonneveld

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Why did you choose this video? Can you explain a bit more about it? The feelings you had during this moment? What’s happening here?
This was at the end of Wildeburg 3 years ago; my fav edition to date. These were the final moments of the festival and all my friends had found each other somehow and ended up on the same spot to close the festival off together. You always hope you chose the right stage to close the festival because there’s no chance for a do over the next day. Well this year, we chose the right stage alright. Actually we didn’t move stages since the early evening when HAAi gave one of her best sets to date followed by Gerd Janson who had to bring his A game to match the energy HAAi left behind. He did so flawlessly. The video I selected captures everything that I love about festivals and about music really; the feeling you are part of a massive gathering w/ strangers who somehow feel and express themselves exactly the same as you do, just because of the music. I remember we were standing high up against the dunes w/ clear vision of Gerd and it felt like we were standing in one big party arena w/ people dancing on all different levels, packed together. I was so mesmerized by the swirling mass of people exploding on what turned out to be the festival hit that summer: Neutron Dance by Krystal Klear.
Everytime I rewatch this video it gives me goosebumps all over again. I’ve must have rewatched it over 40 times during the past 1,5 years – it reminded me of what was waiting for us. The Summer of Love. Let’s get it.

The typical festival moments I can tick off are:
Needed first aid
Drank my first beer before 11am
Danced on stage
Got sunburned on day one
Had my phone die while filming the endshow
Lost my voice
Was caught in the middle of a water (strike water) fight
Pulled a weekender with less than 5 hours of sleep
Lost my friends
Stepped out of my comfort zone

Shannon Schrader