August 12 2021

The Media Nanny Festival Passport – Sabine Kok

It’s time for our brand-new feature: The Media Nanny Festival Passport! Our nannies will share some of their best festival stories with you, like their craziest memory and dream festival lineup. Today, Managing Director, Sabine tells you all about her favorite festivals and more!  


My name is: Sabine Kok 

My colleagues call me: Sabbie 

The first ever festival I’ve been to is: Awakenings 

My favourite festival I’ve ever been to is: Milkshake. Love the music and the positive vibes! 

The festival that is on my bucket list is: Glastonbury 

My favourite drink to have at a festival is: Beer 

All the festivals I’ve been to are: Awakenings Festival, Amsterdam Open Air, A day at the park, Dance Valley, Defqon.1, DGTL, Lowlands, Milkshake Festival, Mysteryland, Qlimax, Tomorrowland, Vunzige Deuntjes, Loveland, Strafwerk, De Zon Festival, Soenda Festival, Pleinvrees, Mystic Garden, AMF, 909 


My ultimate dream lineup is: 

15:00 – 16:00: Maribou State 

16:00 – 17:00: Frank Ocean  

17:00 – 18:00: Stromae  

18:00 – 19:00: Billie Eilish 

19:00 – 20:00: Folamour 

20:00 – 21:00: Oscar and the Wolf 

21:00 – 22:00: Flume 

22:00 – 23:00: HI-LO 

23:00 – 00:00 : Defqon.1 Endshow 


Check out Sabine’s craziest festival memory in our stories on Instagram! 

Why did you choose this video? Can you explain a bit more about it? The feelings you had during this moment? What’s happening here?  

This was my first time at Defqon.1, back in 2018 when I used to work there. It was an extremely busy weekend in terms of working hours, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this legendary moment for the world. The left-right crowd control was invented by Q-dance: everybody grabs their neighbor and jumps from left to right when the MC’s say so. The ground was shaking when everyone started jumping, goose bumps from head to toe! 


The typical festival moments I can tick off are: 

Lost my passport 

Drank my first beer before 11am 

Been in the centre of a mosh pit 

Danced on stage 

Walked into the wrong tent 

Had my phone die while filmping the endshow 

Pulled a weekender with less than 5 hours of sleep 

Lost my friends 

Stepped out of my comfort zone 

Photobombed someone else’s group photo 

Sabine Kok