July 22 2021

The Media Nanny Festival Passport – Cathelijne Noortman

It’s time for our brand-new feature: The Media Nanny Festival Passport! Our nannies will share some of their best festival stories with you, like their craziest memory and dream festival lineup. Today, Senior PR Manager, Cathelijne tells you all about her favorite festivals and more!

My name is: Cathelijne Noortman

My colleagues call me: Cath, Cathie, Lijn, Lijnie, Ketel, Ketelstraat. When you have a long name, nicknames will follow haha. I have many more, but these are the main nicknames. Family and close friends usually call me Lijn or Lijnie and friends go often for Cath or Cathie! Some friends call me ketel or ketelstreet, don’t know where that one came from though! The funny thing is that they once stole a street name sign in the Netherlands with “Ketelstraat” on it and gifted the sign for my Birthday! It still has a nice spot in my living room haha!

The first ever festival I’ve been to is: Amsterdam Open Air. This was back in 2012 I think, still remember me and my friends found it so cool going to a festival when we were too young to get in haha!

My favourite festival I’ve ever been to is: DGTL. So many amazing memories from DGTL! Always really love the line-up at DGTL, they have some of the best DJ’s playing. Still remember the Disclosure show during the sunset so well, it looked amazing and almost magical! Everyone was singing along to Gypsy Woman “Homeless”, it was so awesome – goosebumbs!

The festival that is on my bucket list is: Glastonbury. This festival should be on everyone’s bucketlist! I mean come on, just Google it and you’ll see why!

My favourite drink to have at a festival is: Stëlz

All the festivals I’ve been to are: Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland, DGTL, Mysteryland, Sensation, Kingsland, Amsterdam Open Air, Audio Obscura, Awakenings, De Zon, Nomads, Don’t Let Daddy Know, ADE, ZeeZout, Lofi, Day At The Park, Guilty pleasure, Strafwerk, Lentekabinet, Dekmantel

My ultimate dream lineup is:
15:00 – 16:00: KAYTRANADA
16:00 – 17:00: Quentyn
17:00 – 18:00: Julian Jordan
18:00 – 19:00: Peggy Gou
19:00 – 20:00: Khruangbin
20:00 – 21:00: Flume
21:00 – 22:00: Disclosure
22:00 – 23:00: Rüfüs du Sol
23:00 – 00:00 : Reinier Zonneveld

Check out Cathelijne’s craziest festival memory in our stories on Instagram!

Why did you choose this video? Can you explain a bit more about it? The feelings you had during this moment? What’s happening here?
This was during Ultra 2019 at the STMPD RCRDS stage. After we worked all day doing back-to-back promo with all the artists, it was time for the finale. All the STMPD artists were standing backstage watching the closing show, when suddenly everyone joined behind the decks, and they started a legendary and spontaneous B2B2B2B2B2B set. There must have been like 10 STMPD artists standing behind the decks together playing track after track, closing the stage down in STMPD family style. The fans and crowd were so surprised and went completely crazy seeing all their favorite artists playing together at once haha! We were laughing so hard watching this from the back, it was a memorable scene for everyone!

The typical festival moments I can tick off are:
Drank my first beer before 11am
Been in the centre of a mosh pit
Danced on stage
Had my phone die while filmping the endshow
Lost my voice
Was caught in the middle of a water fight
Fell of someone’s shoulders
Pulled a weekender with less than 5 hours of sleep
Lost my friends
Stepped out of my comfort zone
Photobombed someone else’s group photo

Cathelijne Noortman