September 5 2017

The ÏU Mag spoke Joris Voorn about Spectrum and more..

You are a rare breed of DJ. A man who answers all his social media posts personally, is a stickler for sound quality at gigs and is always utterly polite to everyone. You are a saint amongst spinners Joris!!

What a way to start an interview! To be honest I owe a lot to my fans and promoters who have faith in me and given me the opportunity to express my heart through my music. And it doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 2 million followers on Facebook, you should still be respectful to everyone. I’m not religious but I believe in universal values.

2017 saw the launch of Spectrum, your brand new concept launched in Amsterdam. Tell us about it…

Spectrum is my opportunity where I can curate my own line ups without sticking to one sound. I love music, all music – and Spectrum is going to open many people’s ears to new sounds.

You were 11 years old when Paul Oakenfold launched his own Spectrum party in London, a wonderful night of acid house completely influenced by Oaky’s first trip to Ibiza. What was the first dance music record that grabbed your attention?

Oh wow, I’d heard a legend had a night back in the 80s with the same name, now I know who it was! My first track was Lil Louis ‘French Kiss’ – the breaks, the orgasm, the journey…wow! And I still play it today.

This summer in Ibiza has been all about the new superclub Hï Ibiza where you have been enjoying a residency at In The Dark. Has the venue lived up to the hype?

There was so much anticipation for the opening with everyone wondering what it would look and sound like. I have played there ten times now and I can honestly say it is a brand new venue that can now stand on it’s own two feet without the Space stigma. The vibe is getting there and the sound is truly amazing. And it will be even better next year.

You used to be an interior designer. Some DJs have very er, acquired tasted when it comes to decorating their homes. Do you ever walk into someone’s place and think to yourself ‘wow, this dude must be fucking blind or drunk’…?

Haha! Yes, especially in Ibiza with tacky Buddhas everywhere! To be honest all my DJ friends have pretty good tastes, especially the Scandinavian ones.

Why does Holland, one of the biggest producers of amazing electronic artists on the planet, have so few underground DJs like yourself?

Oh man good question which I ask myself all the time. The funny thing is there are so many underground DJs around but they never break over the borders. They are quite purist in what they do and unfortunately are not interested in thinking out of the box and entering the realms of commercialism. It’s a shame, but it’s their choice.

You have just started skateboarding again, where we at? Doing a 900 yet?

Yes Kölsch gave me one for my 40th birthday and I just started up. I’m finding I am not as flexible as I was when I was 14 and am wearing a lot of protection. I’m just at the ramps stage right now.

What’s next from the Voorn studio vaults?

A massive remix of Paul Simon’s ‘Homeless’ and then work begins on my new album due out in the spring. I have a lot of new music going around my head right now!

And finally, a famous quote from you…“I’m not a purist. Music needs to touch people’s hearts, not just their brains.” Discuss…

When I make music I try not to be too intellectual, I always want to challenge myself but I am never looking for that ‘new sound’. For me it’s the emotion that goes into the sounds, I want people to feel me inside their hearts. And that is my eternal belief.


Source: The ÏU Mag

Hi Ibiza, Joris Voorn