August 27 2020

Staff Selection | Vivian Donders

Looking for some good music? Here’s another Staff Selection! Our Project Manager Vivian Donders curated a playlist with some of her all-time favourites. Enjoy the tracks here and read the stories behind them below.

Dreezy – Close To You ft. T-Pain
I’m going full r&b / emo on this selection, so let’s start with this song I and my ex played all the time. It’s one of my favorite r&b songs ever I guess, and I don’t think a lot of people know about this tune.

The Dream – Too Early
Obviously The Dream cannot miss in this list, he’s an absolute G and this song has so many layers and beautiful harmonies and on top of that its 5:36 min long!!!

Syd – Body
Syd definitely belongs in my top 5 favourite artists, such a talented and beautiful artist. This song is so smooth I can’t even describe.

XXXTENTACTION – everybody dies in their nightmares
I’m a huge fan of X, him passing away literally broke my heart. He’s my most played artist on Spotify every year, to be honest. This song is so vulnerable, it hits me every time.

6lack – Let Her Go
Also one of my go-to artists is 6lack, his voice is so soothing I want to bathe in it, especially this tune I can listen to on repeat for hours.

Dwn2earth – Mutombo
I love this song cause there’s like 2 different parts in it, feels like there are two songs in there, absolutely stunning.

Octavian – Gangster Love
One of my fave Octo tunes, probably because of the little choir accompanying the song.

Lancey Foux – Slow Burn
This song, which is the intro of Lancey’s album is perfection in my ears. So wavey and full of vibes, I can listen to this one non-stop.