April 16 2020

Staff Selection – Shannon Schrader

It’s time for another Staff Selection! This week, it’s our PR Director Shannon Schrader’s turn. She’s created a playlist full of tracks that give her butterflies. Best enjoyed at high volume. Read the story behind them below.

Listen to the playlist here!

Beautiful Life – Gui Boratto
This is one of my absolute favorite tracks. I love that it builds up to such a positive outburst. I like to think that I’m loving life in general and this track always reminds me to keep on doing so. Even in this fucked up time always try to see the silver lining. Feeling down? Blast this track on your headset, close your eyes and just let it take you.
(Not so) fun fact; I keep reminding my boyfriend that I want to have this track played at my funeral, twice.
Fav part: 6:05 onwards.

Wire (Oliver Koletzki Remix) – Homm & Popoviciu
Ha this is really one of the tracks that I blasted all day every day in my early twenties. Really love that it takes you on a journey and changes its course every minute or so. My favorite part is definitely when the whole track explodes after minutes of building suspense at 5:07, and then taking it one step even further again at 6:07. Haha I remember pointing this out to everyone who would listen, if only they would feel the same.. 😉
Fav part: 6:07

High on Life (feat. Bonn) – Martin Garrix
Yep, most of the people who know me well will be very surprised at this point. But this turned out to be one of the most important tracks for me last year. Let’s say that 2019 was not my year at all, and every time I felt like nothing could make me feel better or happy anymore I would turn on this track and the clouds would disappear after a while. It was even my most streamed track of whole 2019 according to our friends at Spotify! Even though it represents some bad memories for me, I am really glad that music proved again to be a greater power and it can remind you to be High On Life again.
Fav part: 0:22

Cyber Care – Qual
I’m blessed w/ a musical taste that’s so diverse, I can easily enjoy a track like this one right after Martin Garrix’ uplifting tunes. But if I’m honest, hard thriving powerful basslines w/ this kind of energy are my absolute first choice. Focus on the bassline, not the 19 sec panting Qual decided to start his track with haha. This powerful almost destructive track brings me straight back to one of my best weekends of last year; Eilân at Terschelling with a bunch of beautiful, equally crazy, people. One piece of advice right here; if you ever come across people who can appreciate both Trance and filthy dark bangers; KEEP THEM. You know who you are, love you!
Fav part: 0:43

Beat That Bitch (Problem #13) – Johnny’s Problem #13 – Johnny Dangerous
This one takes me straight back to Time Warp 2008 in Mannheim, Germany. My and one of my best friends from high school, who was equally obsessed w/ techno, took a 10-hour bus ride to Mannheim to experience the acclaimed Time Warp when we were little over 19 years old. When Richie Hawtin started this track after he was already done playing and the event had come to an end, the whole crowd exploded. Little did I know back then that I would end up working in the industry I adored from age 15, emailing w/ the team behind Time Warp to arrange press for artists that play there. I love my life.
Fav part: starting from 0:00 and then when the bass kicks in at 0:30

9PM – Till I Come – ATB
Trance, my not so secret obsession. It just has it all, uplifting melodies, building suspense, energy, sometimes hard basslines. For me, it guarantees feelings of joy. Even if I listen to it all by myself a huge smile covers my face and my head and heart start to dance. And for everyone who thinks they don’t like Trance; think again because there are so many different kinds of it. From the euphoric uplifting Trance we all know so well from our childhood to the more darker Psytrance I really adore and everything in between. I bet you will find something you like!
Fav part: 1:50 onwards 

Ayla – Taucher Remix – Ayla
Another Trance gem. I can’t not smile while listening to this one.
Fav part: 5:50 onwards w/ the drop at 6:30

Free Tibet – Vini Vici Remix – Hilight Tribe, Vini Vice
Psytrance! This combines Trance w/ what I love about Techno; deep baselines. Crack up the volume and let this one take you. Feel that energy! First time I heard this track was on a sunny rooftop in Barcelona during OFF Sonár, but the highlight for me was for sure hearing this track played live by Vini Vici during A State Of Trance last year. And don’t get me started on ASOT haha. This event is one of my highlights every year. What a production. It has it all: Trance in all its different forms, crazy trance-lovers like myself from all over the globe and many many LASERS.
Fav part: from 2:53 onwards and then when the Psytrance bassline kicks in at 3:07

My Empty Bottle – Korsakoff
Confession. I didn’t start out as a techno and trance lover. First I did a quick dive into the Hardstyle pool. Couldn’t wait to be old enough to go to Hardbass or Decibel and see The Prophet haha. Loved the energy back then and still do now. Now I’ve listened to so many different genres, I can really hear that everything is inspired by each other, this track in particular has the same elements I love in Trance or Techno. Music is universal, beautiful in all it’s forms.
Fav part: 1:30 onwards

Groeten uit Wildeburg – Wildeburg
Man. What a crazy time we live in right. Wildeburg has always been the highlight of my year for the past 4 years. 4,5 days of running around in the Bamboebos w/ my favorite people, enjoying my absolute favorite thing in life; music. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that it probably will not happen this year. This tune represents Wildeburg perfectly, energetic, playful, going on and on in a loop; a perfect reflection on the beauty that is Wildeburg.
Fav part: 2:00 onwards

Neutron Dance – Krystal Klear
Another Wildeburg memory. This was the track to one of my top 5 party memories to date. Last moments of an epic, hot hot hot, Wildeburg in 2018. Me and my group of friends standing high against the top of the dunes surrounding the Duinpan. We just enjoyed HAAi and her massive performance and were giving our last energy to Gerd Janson, who played the crowd perfectly. I have never seen a crowd explode so hard before when he dropped this one, the whole Duinpan was on fire. I felt so lucky to be there that weekend w/ those lovely people I get to call my friends. Goosebumps all over just thinking about it.
Fav part: 2:15 onwards

Far Away Trains Passing By – Ulrich Schnauss
This is one of my best gems and I found it in a pre-Shazam era. I was browsing a video rental store (haha how old are we) where I was mesmerized by this track that was playing in the background. I didn’t dare to ask what it was because I thought ‘who does that’ so I rented a video and walked out. But after 10 meters I stopped and thought, fuck I really want to know this track, otherwise I will regret this. So I walked back in and got the name of the whole album. Man, so glad I did, I can’t even imagine how often I listened to Ulrich’s music. It’s perfect for concentration, for laying in the sun, for thinking, for not thinking. Just pump up the volume, try to really listen and let it take you away. It takes me straight to my happy place.
Fav part: 4:00 onwards

Bleu – Worakls
In the same category. Ideal listening situation; volume up high and eyes closed. God, I love that music can evoke so many emotions. Soothing in this case, let’s drift off people..
Fav part: all of it really

Salzburg – Worakls
Same artist, different vibe. Equally enchanting and bringing up emotions but in a more powerful kind of way. Really love the build up and the break. I remember one party when this track was the one he closed the night with, well I exploded. Tears of joy in my eyes. Yep, this often also happens to me while listening at home.
Fav part: 4:15 and on

Ibiza Disco Lines (I Don’t Wanna Stop) – Reinier Zonneveld
Yeah here he is! You guys were waiting for one of Reinier’s tracks weren’t you? Reinier Zonneveld is my other not so secret obsession haha. I’m so lucky to be able to work with him and his talented team for almost 2 years already. My friends all know; when I start talking about him as an artist it’s quite hard for me to stop (I don’t wanna stop – see what I did there? ;)).
He’s extremely talented, so musically diverse. He’s equally good w/ hard basslines, dreamy melodies, vocals (haha he often does his own vocals) and he’s a star on the piano as well. Love the fact that his friends make me feel at home every time I see them at one of his shows. Thanks guys, jullie zijn lieverds!
Fav part: 1:54 onwards (I don’t wanna stop, no no!)

Resurrection – Reinier Zonneveld 2020 Remix – Reinier Zonneveld, Edward Artemiev
Well now you know, my 2 obsessions are Trance and Reinier Zonneveld. Can you imagine how I felt when I first heard Reinier’s retake on one of my favorite Trance classics Resurrection? Yep, I exploded alright.
Fav part: 2:40 onwards

Black Water – Full Strings Vocal Mix – Octave One, Ann Saunderson
I only recently discovered this treasure. Our beloved Joris Voorn did what he does best; he selected a track that perfectly matched the setting. And what a setting this was! During a perfect golden sunset on the 16th floor of the A’DAM Tower overlooking our breathtaking city (Amsterdam) during Audio Obscura’s Sunset Charity for the benefit of the WHO. Sometimes things just click and this was one of those moments for sure.
Fav part: 2:25 onwards

Kisloty People – Shacke
In the category ‘music that hits you in the face’. This banger was the highlight of many festivals last summer (ohh remember, happy people, dancing and touching each other. Those were the days).
It has everything I love; energy, bass and the power to make you want to jump up and dance until you collapse. This track reminds me of good memories w/ one of my best friends, she’s the perfect dance partner and has moves that fits this fast-pasted bassline perfectly. Back to Back, Black on Black. For life. Love you!
Fav part: 2:10 onwards

Something Real – Armin Van Buuren
Another combination of two of my favorite things: Armin Van Buuren and my beloved UNTOLD. UNTOLD is one of the many projects I love working on. The team is amazing and the 4-day festival itself is best described as Disneyland on steroids. One of my UNTOLD highlights every year is the marathon set of Armin Van Buuren, so cool to experience that w/ the most dedicated crowd of the world in Romania. This track was the official anthem of last year and the videoclip was shot at UNTOLD! (I didn’t make the cut unfortunately, damn it!)
What made last year even more special is the fact that my good friend Carmen (who I call Carmin because she works for, yes Armin) was there as well and we enjoyed Armin’s set from the Front Of House. It’s nice to share those unique moments w/ people who are special to you and can relate.
Fav part: 0:22 onwards

Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Let’s close off w/ one of the most beautiful songs I know and I hold dear to my heart.
This song was played at my grandmother’s funeral almost a decade ago and every time I hear this one it takes me right back to her. That sweet, funny, sometimes crazy Indonesian superstar. How I wished you could see everything I’m doing now, knowing that you were already so proud when I achieved little to nothing. 😉
Hope to be able to walk down the aisle w/ this track anytime in the future, this way you will be there in a way as well. Love you Omi!
Fav part: all of it.


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