July 8 2020

Staff selection – Maud in ‘t Veld

Staff Selection Maud in ‘t Veld

It’s time for another Staff Selection! This week it’s Maud in ‘t Veld her turn. She created a playlist full of happy and oldskool songs. Listen to the playlist here and read the stories behind them below!

TLC – No Scrubs
This is actually a funny story! I was in Sint Petersburg 2 years ago with my ex-colleagues as a team outing for a long weekend. We randomly walked into a Russian karaoke bar without knowing that karaoke is a serious thing in Russia. We were singing this song between all the Russian (very fanatic) karaoke stars and had the best night ever!  

Sam Feldt – Post Malone
Just a happy song which makes me want to dance!

Khalid – Know Your Worth
Has been on repeat many times since this song came out.. 

Bizzey – Skaffa
Listened to this song for the first time in the car with José. I didn’t know at that time, but she could sing along with almost the whole song! It was a nice summer day and we were bringing yellow tulips to everyone in our team for Easter this year. This song is a true guilty pleasure for both of us haha! 

Mayra Andrade – Segredu
Thanks to our intern Nico who brought this type of music into the office. I Instantly think of summer when I hear this song!

Drake – More Life album
Love the whole album! With Passionfruit, Madiba Riddem and Blem as my favourites!  

Janet Jackson – Together Again
One of my oldskool fav’s!

Maud in 't Veld