August 14 2020

Staff selection – Maud Borgmans

Staff Selection Maud Borgmans

This week, Staff Selection comes from PR Assistant Maud Borgmans. She created a playlist filled with her favorite tracks that bring up some amazing memories (prepare for a lot of guilty pleasures).  Listen to the playlist here and read the stories behind them below!

50 Cent – In Da Club
I went on a vacation to a campsite in Croatia twice. My friends and I would go out every night and a cab driver called Igor drove us from the camping to the city. He loved In Da Club from 50 Cent so he would blast the song through the car every night. At the end of the summer we could all sing along the full song, including the instrumental and background vocals.

Justin Bieber – One Time
I was definitely a true Belieber in my younger years. I still know all of his old songs by heart!

Soulja Boy – Crank that
When I was 14 there was this kids disco near where I lived. Me and all my friends went there every Friday and whenever Crank That came on all the cool kids went on stage and started dancing the Crank That dance. I used to think it was very cool, but looking back at it I think it’s super funny.

Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs Wooly Bully
My dad used to have this one old CD in his car and this song was on it. I remember hearing it for the first time when I was very young and I thought it was the weirdest song ever – I loved it though. Everytime my brother and I got in the car with my dad, we wanted to hear this song on repeat for the whole ride. Up until I searched for the song to add it to this list, I thought they sang ‘Oeleboele’ instead of Wooly Bully, so close yet so far.

Guus Meeuwis – Brabant
As a true Brabander I have to include this song to the list!

Tis Family – Señorita
This song takes me back to carnaval, just before the COVID-19 lockdown. It was one of my favourite songs at the time and it was played at every party I went to during carnaval.

Dennis Cruz – El Sueño
I love to listen to this song whenever the sun is out. It just gets me right in the summer mood!

Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
At my primary school, every year the kids in 8th grade got to go on school camp all together. I remember we had to bike to the accommodation and when we all got on our bikes this was the first song played. It always takes me back to an amazing camp with all my friends from primary school.

Jordy van Loon – Verliefdheid
Another throwback to my primary school time. Besides school camp, all the kids in 8th grade had to do a musical at the end of the year as well. Everytime we ended rehearsals this song was played, for some reason I still like it and I can sing along from start to finish.

MC Kevinho – Olha a Explosão
When I visited one of my friends in Bonaire last summer we were listening to this song 24/7. Because we had no clue what the singer was singing, we just mumbled words that sounded the same to try and sing along to it.

K3 – Blub ik ben een vis
If you are a Dutchie you definitely know K3. The first movie I saw in the cinemas was ‘Blub ik ben een vis’  (Blub, I am a fish), for which K3 wrote the eponymous title song Blub Ik Ben Een Vis. My first ever concert was also from K3. I secretly still play their music in the car sometimes and sing along as loud as I can.

Tess – Stupid
I guess I’m a sucker for these kinds of songs from my youth, but I still love it whenever this song is played in the club. Even though it is definitely not a club banger, I feel like everyone knows it by heart.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
Every Monday, my grandpa would pick up my brother and me from school because our parents both had to work late. We would eat while watching television at precisely 6PM every Monday, right when The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air started. Still know all the words to the song and it always takes me back to those nice dinners with my granddad!

Frenna & Delany – Fake Love
One of my current favorites!

The Guru, Udit Narayan & Abhijeet – Chori Chori Hum Gori Se
Not a clue who sings this song and I also had to ask Nico what on earth it was called, but it takes me right back to an amazing team outing with our lovely colleagues at Tijdloos a couple of weeks ago. We danced to this song around the fire place every night and it was so much fun!

Billy Joel – Piano Man
I have to end the list with Piano Man! Me and my friends used to go partying at Manege Heijligers every Sunday and this was always the song the DJ played before the lights went on. Best song to end an amazing evening with!


Maud Borgmans