May 28 2020

Staff selection – Jaëlle Günther

Staff Selection Jaëlle

This week’s staff selection comes from Junior PR manager Jaëlle-Laurence Günther.

She has created a playlist full of tracks that are special to her, in three recurrent themes: loud car rides, her family and friends, and snow. Read the stories behind them below!

Check out the playlist here!

Amado Mio – Pink Martini
My dad used to play this song a lot when I was little. Whenever he would play this is the car, my parents, brother and I would scream as loud as we could to reach the high note at the beginning of the song.

Lúnapop – Qualcosa Di Grande
I grew up with a lot of Italian music because my dad speaks Italian. My parents bought the album ‘…Squérez?’ by Lúnapop on our way to Sardinia back in 1999 and it’s been a staple in the car ever since. I still go to Italy with my family at least once a year and we never drive down there without listening to this album at least once.

Ghetto Gospel – 2pac ft. Elton John
I used to be obsessed with this song a few winters ago (forever obsessed with 2pac because who wouldn’t be?) and I would play it in the car while driving to the mountains for the weekend. I would always save it for the last part of the trip, this song now reminds me of snow-covered trees and a white mountain road. 

Angel – The Weeknd
This is my favorite song by The Weeknd, everything about it is absolutely beautiful. I hope I’ll get to see it live one day.

Si c’était le dernier – Diam’s
Diam’s is a French female rapper who, in my opinion, was and to this day still is underrated. She is probably the reason I got into French rap with her album ‘Dans Ma Bulle’ back in 2006. She used to be one of the only female rappers in the French rap scene back when the genre wasn’t as popular as it is today. This is the last song (literally called ‘If it were the last’) of the last album she released back in 2009 and it is a masterpiece. 

Flash – Lomepal
Lomepal is a French rapper, I loved his last 3 albums so much that my friends got me a limited edition of the triple vinyl of his latest album. This song sounds even better on my turntable and my living room speakers.

Ma Cousin – Lomepal
I saw Lomepal live at a festival in Switzerland last summer during a thunderstorm. His energy and live version of this song with lightning striking above the stage was insane. 

blun7 a swishland – tha Supreme
Switching to Italian rap, I like to listen to this song when I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s a chill way to start my day and it always puts me in a good mood. 

Rappeur 2 Force – Medine
Medine is an extremely well-versed French rapper, his texts are always incredibly smart. I used to play this song every time I would walk into an exam at uni. Maybe that’s how I got my degrees haha.

Gravé dans la roche – S.N.I.P.E.R
This song reminds me of home. I’m from a small village in Switzerland where not only all my friends know this song but for some reason the entire village does. We have a wine festival every year in September, which is basically an entire weekend of drinking and partying, and whenever they play this song (multiple times a night) literally everyone starts to sing.

Mourir sur scène – Dalida
I play this song very loud and very often and then put on a show in my living room. My roommate is probably done with it but there’s no escape, Dalida FOREVER. 

Pour que tu m’aimes encore – Céline Dion
Is it really a playlist without a Céline Dion song in it? My mother and I always play Céline Dion when it’s just the two of us in the car and we sing to the top of our voices. ‘Pour que tu m’aimes encore’ was released in 1995 but it’s still one of her best songs to date. 

Mother Love – Queen
I’ve always been a huge Queen fan and ‘Mother Love’ is probably my favorite song of theirs. You can visit the studio where they recorded a lot of their music in Montreux, Switzerland. ‘Mother Love’ is the last song Freddy Mercury recorded there and hearing it on the sound system of that studio is amazing.

Yamaha – Aleksandir
My brother and I like to turn our bathroom into a boiler room whenever we’re getting ready to go skiing. This song is amazing, but it sounds even better on a loudspeaker in a bathroom. 

Careless – Cedric Zeyenne
This song is also always a part of the bathroom boiler room tracklist, my brother was obsessed with it last winter so it now reminds me of our Christmas holidays in the mountains. 

Hell, What a View – Loud
Loud is a Canadian rapper from Quebec, which is why he raps both in French and in English. I absolutely love everything he does. The guy is a genius. 

TTTTT – Loud
I cried when I saw this live 🙂


Jaëlle Günther