April 4 2021

Staff Selection – Easter special

Easter is around the corner and this means it’s time for another Staff Selection special: Hidden easter eggs! This time we share our favorite tracks for these sunny spring days that we think deserve way more attention than they are getting now. Enjoy this playlist filled with the best hidden gems picked by our Nannies and find out the stories behind them.

Listen to the playlist here

José Woldring
–  La Your Cards Out – POLIÇA –
Perfect Sunday morning tune 🌷🥰

Shannon Schrader
– Noir Obscure – Emile Strunz Mix 2 – Permanent Wave, Emile Strunz –
Craving sweaty clubnights where I can dance, play around and dance some more in the dark w/ my filthy friends (you know who you are). Listening to tracks like these the past year made me not lose my mind. High volume, eyes closed. Ohhh I cannot wait!!!

Maud in ‘t Veld
– Del Mar – Ozuna, Doja Cat, Sia –
Easter for me always feels like summer is around the corner. This song brings the exact same vibes!

Anabelle Kemplen
– Call Me – Joshua J –
This track is a hidden gem & Joshua has plenty more up his sleeve.

Cathelijne Noortman
– Honeypie – JAWNY –
This is the perfect song for when spring is finally around the corner! Happy, sunny and good vibes! It gets me right in the summer mood, ready to get the sun’s out, chill and have a nice drink on a (hopefully soon) sunny terrace!!

Lonneke de Boer
– Home – Edith Whiskers –
Welbekend nummer maar deze cover van Edith Whiskers vind ik stiekem nog fijner om naar te luisteren. Super bijzondere stemmen en een uniek geluid, onder het genot van een wijntje en de ondergaande zon, krijg ik altijd zomerse vibes.

Vivian Donders
– Pasadena – Daisy Maybe –

Jaëlle-Laurence Günther
– Tequila – A COLORS SHOW – Nenny –
I’ve been playing this song a LOT lately, it puts me in a really good mood and it’s perfect for the sunny days ahead!

Maud Borgmans
– Unforgettable – Zhavia –
This cover of French Monatana’s hit Unforgettable is one of my go to songs when relaxing in the spring sun. I really like Zhavia’s unique sound and if you ask me, her version definitely deserves some credit!

Amy Hoek
– Clap Your Hands – Whilk & Misky –
This song is my go-to during my favorite season of the year. Whether it’s a bikeride, a picnic, a nice walk or a nice boat day, this song puts you in the spring vibe right away! Get your first scoop of ice cream this year, grab your shades and enjoy the spring. No matter how hot or cold, rainy or cloudy, to me it’s ALWAYS a good time with this tune!

Mandy Boomgaarden
– I Shine, U Shine – RIMON –
My choice is I Shine, U Shine from RIMON ft. Darrell Cole. I love RIMON her music and vibes, and although she is already quite making her way into the music industry, I believe this track deserves way more recognition than it currently has. This song, and her music in general, is perfect for some balmy summer evenings. If you get the chance, check out her music videos!

Ruben Stokkink
– Tandtråd – Tjuvjakt –
Imagine this; Opening a cold (corona) beer with your friends at the beach, enjoying the summer sunset and this song starts playing. The ultimate Scandinavian feel-good vibes!