December 24 2020

Staff Selection: Christmas special

It’s almost Christmas and this means it’s time for another Staff Selection special: the Christmas edition. A playlist filled with the best Christmas songs picked by all of our Nannies.

On the cover the 2020 The Media Nanny holiday card, which will immediately get you into the Christmas mood. From all of our Nannies we wish you a delightful holiday, while of course enjoying our favorite Christmas tunes!

Check out the playlist here and keep reading to find out the stories behind them!

Jose Woldring – CEO/Founder
Destiny’s Child – ‘8 Days of Christmas’
Brings back a lot of teenage memories, it reminds me of the Christmas school parties we had before the Christmas break.

Shannon Schrader – PR Director
Band Aid – ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’
Corny? Hell yes. I know. But I’ve always liked the story behind it. A collective initiative to come together and do something for the greater good.

This past year I thought about this initiative a lot. Although it drove me mad that we couldn’t hug, couldn’t dance together, being w/ your loved ones was actually a crime, the only thing that I do cherish (well let’s not overdo it – I find interesting) is that we are all in this shitshow together. Every person, all over the world, wakes up w/ the same frustrations every damn day since the beginning of this year. (Of course, some more than others, and I feel very blessed that we have a lot of support here in The Netherlands – we could do way worse)

Enduring this all together, globally, that’s actually pretty special. Really hope we can look back one day and see 2020’s silver lining; unity, people helping each other out, people staying inside for the sake of others & above all collectively making the best out of a bad situation.

Sabine Kok – PR Director
Mariah Carey – ‘All I Want For Christmas’
In my humble opinion, All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey is the best Christmas track ever. I get that instant Christmas feeling when I hear this massive hit. I think I know the track so well that I can almost sing it backwards. With the exception of that one time at the Christmas drinks some years ago. My friends still make fun of me because I requested this particular song by saying to the DJ that I wanted to hear All I Want For Carey by Mariah Chirstmas, haha. Cheers.

Maud in ‘t Veld – Executive Assistant
Michael Bublé – ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’
The ultimate song to put up your Christmas tree!

Anabelle Kemplen – PR Manager
Justin Bieber – ‘Mistletoe’
Fun fact: Back in my uni days, I worked in retail and endured 8-hour shifts of non-stop Christmas music. I still love it though.

Cathelijne Noortman- PR Manager
Eartha Kitt – ‘Santa Baby’
A real classic, it gives me the ultimate Christmas vibes!

Iris Willemsen – Junior PR Manager
Frank Sinatra – ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’
Love all Sinatra songs! We always have his (Christmas) records on during our Christmas dinner, this track instantly makes me happy!

Jaëlle Günther – Junior PR Manager
Queen – ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’
I’ve always been a huge Queen fan and ever since I can remember we’ve had the album ‘Rock Christmas’ at home, with Santa on a snowboard on the artwork. We play the album every year and ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ has always been my favorite!

Brad Callow – ‘Christmas Is All Around’
Can’t beat Love Actually, best Christmas movie ever.

Vivian Donders – Project Manager
Aretha Franklin – ‘Joy to the World’
Just a classic and soulful favorite christmas song!

Maud Borgmans – PR Assistant
Kimberly Fransens – ‘Silent Night’
For me this classic belongs in every Christmas playlist and it’s now covered by our very own Kimberly. Love it!

Nico van der Woude – PR Assistant
Mariah Carey – ‘The whole ‘Merry Christmas’ album’
This instantly reminds me of decorating the tree with my family, as my mom would always put this on while we were doing this.

Frank Sinatra – ‘Jingle Bells’
All time classic by Frank Sinatra. From all his Christmas songs, this is my favorite.

Lysanne Gerrits – PR Intern
Kelly Clarkson – ‘Underneath the Tree’
The best song to sing along with when decorating the tree, when you’re in the car or basicly just everywhere and always during Christmas (and the weeks before).

Ezra Geldof – PR Intern
Justin Bieber – ‘Fa La La’
I chose this song because it’s a feel good song and I always play this song during Christmas. I also really love his voice!