April 2 2020

Staff Selection – Cathelijne Noortman

It’s time for another Staff Selection! This week, it’s PR Manager Cathelijne Noortman turn. She’s created a playlist full of uplifting tunes. Read the story behind them below.

Listen to the playlist here.

U don’t know me – Armand van Helden

  • This is honestly one of my favorites. Iris already had this song in her playlist as well, but I couldn’t leave it out of mine! And as she already described it perfectly; this song is pure happiness.

Tonight – Sebastian Leger

  • Funny story! I discovered this one through my lovely friend and colleague Iris and her boyfriend Luuk van Dijk. I heard the song one time and never stopped loving the vibes. Luuk played it for us in the Marktkantine during his set and it was one of our funniest experiences in a club to date – with us going crazy in front of his booth and Luuk laughing his ass off.

Tell You No Lie – Floorplan

  • When you say “Tell You No Lie”, I say “Emily Denissen”. We played this track way too often together in the office – and got way too much energy from it (sorry my fellow colleagues). An energizing song that will get you in the right party mood, EVERY TIME!

Tondo – Disclosure

  • Even though this track was just released – it feels like a true classic. It’s without a doubt one of the happiest records! You can feel the African influences of Eko Roosevelt from the first second! Tondo takes me straight to the summer season and I imagine listening to the track on a boat with friends, with wine and good vibes! It’s impossible to not get a smile on your face – one big explosion of happiness!

Baiana – Pablo Fierro edit

  • There is something about African songs that just gets me going. This is my go-to song when I have a tight deadline and really need to finish something. It makes me feel like everything is possible haha.

Lola’s Theme – The Shapeshifters

  • Can we call this a classic already? This song makes me wanna dance (which I can’t) like an insane person – it just gets you going. If they play this track at a festival or at a club, I’m starting the day/night on the right note! Having this song in a playlist ensures happy faces, singing, dancing, and the right vibe for a good party!

Blackbird – Fat Freddy’s Drop

  • This song is made for just chill evenings in the garden, outside, on a roof terrace, an after-dinner dip, summer nights and so much more. The melodies will drag you right into the song and make you feel relaxed, good vibes only.

Gotta let you go – Dominica – original ’95 edit

  • I GOTTA LET YOU GOOO – I GOTTA LET YOU GOOHOO. Come on, a classic right? My memory of this song is me singing insanely loud and mostly out of tone to the lyrics, feeling like I’m the lead singer giving a performance of lifetime (which is never the case, sadly).

Got it Good – Kaytranada / Craig David

  • I’m a true R&B lover as well. I was putting together a terrible oldschool R&B top 40 hit list for you guys, but I’ve changed my mind just in time haha. For me it’s truly about the song itself, the type of genre doesn’t matter. I LOVE THIS SONG! It makes me feel good, singing along, it has the perfect chill melodies and matches a specific state of mind right when you need it. I also always feel like I’m a very smooth dancer when this song is on, happily dancing and singing in front of my mirror and then crying after as I always discover the artist life wasn’t made for me. Sticking to PR!

The Seed – The Roots

  • A song I will sing loudly in the car – it makes you feel like you’re a badass? Even though you’re not – but who doesn’t wanna feel an “I don’t care PEEPS” feeling sometimes. Until btw someone once explained to me what the song was actually about – shocker hahah.

Navajo – Masego

  • Really love this song – it’s something different. This is one of my go-to songs when I’m at home. It’s in every playlist I have and it works good as a background track as well. It brings on an instant head nod at the drop, mixing R&B, hip-hop and jazz with more ease than almost anything else.

Cumbia del Olvido – Nicola Cruz

  • I’m a bit weird (ask my colleagues), but this song makes me feel like a cowgirl riding through the desert. Since I’m the “Hey, you again with the hat”, it’s kinda fitting as well? But I love the feel-good, chill and mostly relaxing vibes of the song – brings you at ease.

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

  • Do we even need an explanation? Fleetwood Mac is one of the greatest bands there is. It was a tough decision choosing only one song, in the running were “Dreams” and “Everywhere” as well, “Dreams” is one of my all-time favorites though.

Shined on me – Praise Cats / Andrea love

  • This is a song that gives me so much summer party vibes. Brings me straight back to the festival season dancing while the sun sets “shining on me” haha.

What a Fool believes – The doobie brothers

  • Funny story bc it’s true: this is my favorite cleaning song. I’ll often put this song full blast with my headphones on and start vacuuming while dancing and singing along – I’m always under the impression I’m hosting a full arena show – sorry neighbors!

Let’s play house – Crazibiza

  • A true festival classic if you ask me. When the song comes on, I always look around me in the crowd! No-one can stand still anymore. Everyone’s feeling the feel-good tunes and start to dance, throwing their hands in the air and letting loose. It’s so funny and awesome to see!



Cathelijne Noortman