May 26 2021

Sharon Fonseca releases brand new collection of By Sharon Fonseca

The 10 new pieces are part of the second collection of the model’s own fashion brand

Launching her brand By Sharon Fonseca with its first collection in June last year, the Venezuelan model and entrepreneur made it very clear this is something she is in for the long run. Now launching the second collection, Sharon stays true to what she always believed fashion is about; a way of expressing yourself through bold, unique, and colorful pieces. The high-end collection is designed in Italy, and boasts strong colors and bold patterns.
To include her fans in the creation process, Sharon decided to name each piece after one of them. She asked her followers to send her their names and decided to name the items the Jennifer blazer, Lucy blouse, or Xenia dress. About the collection, Sharon shared “I have always been into vibrant colors and eccentric designs and find they are the best way to empower and make a woman feel confident. Imperfections are what make us unique and what make us stand out, which is why I believe they are our most beautiful features. With this collection I want women to realize that their beauty lies in their imperfections and that they should not be afraid to express themselves by wearing eye-catching pieces that make them stand out.”
Joining motherhood by welcoming her daughter Blu Jerusalema only 7 months ago, Sharon took some time off to focus on this new adventure. Her entrepreneurial spirit however has not paused for a second. Not only has she created an entirely new collection, new items will  drop on a monthly basis, so keep an eye out for the latest pieces every month! The new collection of By Sharon Fonseca is now available worldwide.
Sharon Fonseca