June 15 2020

Sharon Fonseca launches her very own fashion brand ‘Sharon’, a limited-edition capsule collection of colorful and unique pieces

Model, entrepreneur, and global social media icon Sharon Fonseca launches her own clothing brand ‘Sharon’. The exclusive first capsule collection is available for pre-order today at 12PM EST / 6PM CEST / 9 AM PST!
“These are colorful, unique, and fun pieces I dreamed about wearing myself, and now I am bringing them to you.”
Be bold. Fun. You.
Venezuelan model and entrepreneur Sharon Fonseca is finally sharing the project she’s been working on for over a year: Sharon. A limited-edition capsule collection designed especially for those who see fashion as a way of expressing themselves; the bold and colorful pieces all transmit a unique statement. Wanting everyone to feel proud of expressing themselves through their style, Sharon is thrilled to share the cleverly crafted pieces she has designed in order for fashion garments to reflect personality.
Ever since stepping into the fashion industry as a model, Sharon found clothes to be a way to express herself. Never afraid to stand out with her style, bold and vibrant pieces have always been a way to carry her humor and character. ‘Style goes hand in hand with personality, and this is what I am portraying with these designs’ says Sharon. “I am beyond excited about this new adventure with my own line. It has been a challenge to get out of my comfort zone and to join the creative side of the industry. I have poured my heart out into this project which has taken me over a year of work. I am happy that I get to share a bit of my style with all of you, and I cannot wait until you start creating your own looks with the pieces.”

Just after announcing she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Gianluca Vacchi, the soon-to-be mother has definitely not lost her entrepreneurial spirit. Wanting people to feel special and unique when wearing her collection, the high-end pieces are all made in Italy and will be part of a limited edition, brightening the wardrobes of the lucky ones who will get their hands on them!