June 8 2021

SEG Esports teams up with Adamas Esports to provide clients premium performance training

Adamas will provide SEG clients preferred access to their premium performance model and SEG will give Adamas access to its Training Center in Europe.

Management agency SEG and Adamas Esports announce a unique collaboration effective from this moment forward. The partnership between two of the branches’ biggest players is the first of its kind and is not only beneficial for both parties but will professionalize the esport industry as a whole.

Adamas is known for its holistic performance model that covers all key areas of cognitive, emotional, and physical development within esports so that players can perform when it matters. The deal will grant SEG’s clients swift access to Adamas’ performance training services and will assist SEG’s agents in recognizing potential performance issues with their talents thanks to Adamas’ team of advisors, doctors, physiotherapists and optometrists.

The Canadian Esports performance firm will gain access to the SEG Esports Training Center in the H20 Esports Campus located in Amsterdam, giving them the opportunity to work with teams and clients on location and welcoming Adamas to their first physical facility on the European continent.

On the deal, SEG Esports’ Division Director Rowan Stroo commented: “Adamas has quickly become a staple in esports performance training. I’m very excited that we can provide our clients with preferred access to the premium performance services Adamas has to offer. On top of that, we get to bring Adamas’ knowledge and experience to Europe through our Training Center in Amsterdam.”

Caleb Cousens, CEO of Adamas Esports added: “The Adamas team is excited to work together with the esport division of SEG to provide their global athlete network the tools they need to win more tournaments, have longer careers and take their performance and health to the next level.”

This partnership is a world premiere as Adamas has not previously collaborated with a global talent agency.