May 13 2022

Sarah de Warren Launches New 10-Part Music Project with Bzaar Labs on RCRDSHP

A hugely prolific writer and vocalist, Sarah de Warren is to release her debut solo single ‘Vegan Leather Sneakers’. Sarah has teamed up with RCRDSHP & Bzaar Labs to offer a free, fan-exclusive 3D wearable ‘Vegan Leather Sneaker’ NFT for those who pre-save the May 20th single on digital streaming platforms. It is the first of 10 new projects from Sarah that will celebrate individuality, encourage people to think for themselves and be fearless about their uniqueness.

Sarah de Warren is very much the voice of now. She has put out more than 50 tracks in the last 18 months and now has almost 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. She has recently signed to the legendary Ultra Music Publishing and in the last year alone she has worked with globally renowned DJs such as Nicky Romero, Gareth Emery, Kaskade and more. Her chart-topping sounds have had high-profile support across BBC Radio One with plenty of Spotify editorial and she has performed all over Europe and the US, most recently in front of thousands at Ultra Music Festival 2022.

Having spent most of the past several years writing for other people, this new 10-part project is comprised of songs that she, along with her collaborators, wrote specifically for her artist releases. These are personal songs about her experiences, feelings, and focus on what she feels is important to put out into the world as an artist. At the same time, she is embracing her desire to help change the unfair streaming models the music industry currently relies on by partnering for the project with RCRDSHP. As a thank you to her ever-growing community, Sarah has also partnered with Bzaar Labs. They design digital fashion items and have turned the sneaker from the song into a digital collectible. It will be given out for free to anybody who pre-saves the single.

The track itself is bold and experimental but never loses sight of the dance floor. It is inspired in part by Sarah’s love of K-pop, with wild transitions between various parts of the song. Her beautifully clean and soulful vocal soars above languid beats and bittersweet piano chords but soon the bass arrives and pumps up the party. After a slow and seductive breakdown, the song  explodes again into a high-energy track that will light up any festival’s main stage.

Says Sarah on the song, “I feel like I managed to squeeze my entire personality into Vegan Leather Sneakers. This song is about being an individual, and embracing whatever it is that makes you different. For me, being vegan from a young age has always set me apart from others and I never really ‘fit in’. It was hard when kids at school picked on me for it, but now it’s kinda funny because a bunch of them ended up becoming vegan themselves! I love being different and I think it’s cool when people are fearless about their quirks. I want this to be an anthem for the individuals, for the vegans, the freaks, the misfits, the people who question the norm and the people who think for themselves.” 

On the collaboration with RCRDSHP she commented, “Teaming up with RCRDSHP has provided an amazing opportunity to connect more deeply with my fans, which to me is the most important part of being an artist. When people pre-save my single ‘Vegan Leather Sneakers’ they will get a free digital vegan leather sneaker collectable in return, designed by NFT fashion brand Bzaar Collective. I’m over the moon that I found a unique way to thank everyone for supporting me and I’m super excited about the bigger picture of RCRDSHP and how they’re empowering artists and fans to make the industry a better place.”

This is a standout debut single from Sarah de Warren and the start of an exciting new chapter in her ever-evolving career. Pre-save ‘Vegan Leather Sneakers’ on RCRDSHP now.