February 7 2017

Sanjoy shares the special story behind his new single ‘Obvi’

Sanjoy released his new single ‘Obvi‘ featuring Elliot Yamin in January. In an interview with Billboard he shares the special story behind the creation of the track. The EDM artist from Southeast Asia begins to tell how he was first introduced to the music of Elliot Yamin during a high school dance. “Elliott Yamin’s ‘Wait for You’ was the song playing at the dance. I was a huge fan, so for him to be involved in this new single is crazy and surreal because the lyrics express a similar story.”

Yamin also tells his part of the story. “I loved Sanjoy’s energy and his music, and instantly fell in love with the demo version of ‘Obvi,’ obviously!”

Read the full interview over at Billboard.

Billboard, Sanjoy