January 12 2018

Sam Feldt got interviewed by Billboard Radio China: 10 questions about the Sunrise to Sunset dual album

Sam Feldt made an exciting return to the Spinnin’ stage at China’s Electric Jungle Music Festival. He doesn’t often get a chance to play in China and this gave the Dutch DJ a new market for his unique style of music. Being in China brought a level of excitement to his performance as he promotes his dual album Sunrise to Sunset. The compilation started as six tracks which then evolved into twelve, and finally became the dual album that’s available now. Billboard Radio China got a chance to catch up with Sam backstage at Electric Jungle to find out more about both albums, his entrepreneurial streak, and plans for 2018 and beyond.

Sam Feldt’s Sunrise to Sunset dual album is designed to be consumed throughout the span of twenty-four hours, twenty-four tracks for each part of the day representing the diversity of a day. One track for nine in the morning while another is designed for ten o’clock at night. Not all of these songs are pure originals though. Sam has taken on a number of tracks to cover and makes them his own. As a child of the 90s, the tracks he chose are anthems of his youth, songs with an emotional connection to his childhood and development as a DJ.  Sam explains that when he takes on these songs, it’s as important to him to keep a level of respect for the original material as it is to make his version unique and original. From Robin S’s Show Me Love and La Bouche’s Be My Lover to Eagle Eye Cherry’s Save Tonight and Kenny Rogers and The First Edition’s Just Dropped In (My Condition), Sam Feldt takes these old classics and turns them into a brand-new creation, a 21st century take on historical greats.

You can check out the full audio interview at Billboard Radio China.

Sam Feldt