October 11 2019

Sam Feldt remixes Ed Sheeran’s ‘South Of The Border’ in typically euphoric style

Sam Feldt delivers one of his biggest remixes yet this week as he tackles Ed Sheeran’s infectious ‘South Of The Border’. Featuring Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello, the track makes for a perfect match for Feldt’s breezy style.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Ed Sheeran’s voice and work since the beginning, so to get asked to do an official remix for his next single is a dream come true for me!” beams Feldt“For this remix the challenge was to find the perfect balance between a poppy break and a clubby drop that also works well on radio – and I think I made it work. Hope you guys like it!”

Listen Sam Feldt’s remix of ‘South Of The Border’ here

A Latin beat bolsters Sheeran’s sweet delivery early on before big trademark Sam Feldt piano chords and joyous strings lift the mood further. The big pitch-shifting snare build drives up to the drop, where phat bass and a lazy house beat await. Cabello’s vocals are also perfectly complemented by this warm summer flavour. Feldt drops the beat out at just the right moment, letting the vocal duet shine brightly for the next build-up. You can already see the pool parties jumping off to this one. Especially for this remix Sam also released an animated lyric video where you can go on an adventure and ‘south of the border’ with him.

Watch the video here

It’s another prolific month for Feldt as he also released a new batch of remixes of his stellar single ‘Post Malone’. New Chill, Acoustic and Club Mixes are now available, alongside a rework from Chinese phenomenon Yuan“I’m super happy to release the final remixes to ‘Post Malone’ this week, including my own club mix that is also the intro to all my live shows these days!” he says. “Ever since premiering it at the Tomorrowland Main Stage people have been asking me about it so here it is guys! Rani and I also made an acoustic version of the track that is perfect to chill out to. The third remix in the pack is from Yuan, who is killing it in China right now, where the track is getting popular as well. So crazy to see the hype around the track turning into a global phenomenon!”


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