February 1 2019

Sam Feldt and Kate Ryan release music video for ‘Gold’

Things are going really well for Sam Feldt and Kate Ryan. Two weeks ago they released their brand new track Gold that already reached more than 1 million streams on Spotify. To celebrate this joyous fact they released the official music video for the song.

The track got favorable reactions from all over the world and the song got radio support in over 25 countries like England, France, Germany and many more. The video has only been online for a short while and already reached almost 100.000 streams.

Listen to ‘Gold’ here

Growing up, I heard her songs on the radio and I also played them during my first “gigs” as a DJ. When I heard she was open to collaborating with me I immediately jumped on the opportunity and started working on the song, which turned out awesome but is very different and more indie compared to her previous tracks” concludes Sam about the collaboration with Kate.

“I was one of the millions who loved and danced to the smashing Sam Feldt-hit ‘Show Me Love’” states Kate, “I instantly became a huge fan of his work. I choose my collabs wisely, and I haven’t released many of them in my career. I’m so happy Sam and I got to work together on this song. This collaboration is a dream come true.”

Sam concludes: “All in all, I think ‘Gold’ blends the signature organic Sam Feldt sound perfectly together with Kate’s soothing and almost mystical vocals.” We agree 100%!

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