September 24 2021

Ryan Babel raps ‘Open Letter’ and mentions big names from the football world

Before releasing his long-awaited debut album, Ryan Babel has some thoughts to share with the world. In his new single and clip ‘Open Letter’ he reflects on the beginning of his career as a professional football player and how things are going now.

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Just like a football match, ‘Open Letter’ consists of two halves. Mentioning his entrepreneurial mindset, how he started his own music label in 2009, and his experiences with trainers Ronald Koeman, Louis van Gaal, Danny Blind, Winston Bogarde and Rafael Benítez. A beat switch by producer LJ (Frenna, Adje, Cho) brings us back to 2021. In the second half of the song Ryan discusses racism in the football industry, the reactions to the recent EURO 2020 final and his opinion about certain football analysts on television. The accompanying music video makes sure there’s no mistake about who his bars are directed to.

Watch the music video here!

‘Open Letter’ takes you on a journey throughout my life and experiences. This is a letter that leaves no room for apologies.’

Ryan Babel

Ryan Babel has chosen to tell his life story through music rather than in a conventional autobiography. His long-awaited autobiographical album will be released in November.
‘Open Letter’ is availabel here 
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