February 22 2019

Ralph Felix & KEV serve up beautiful acoustic version of Holding On To You

Holding On To You is the track that just keeps on giving! A dancefloor remix later, Ralph Felix & KEV’s irresistible anthem returns once again. This time it’s in a beautifully stripped-back acoustic form.

Glistening guitar licks tingle under the scratched soul of KEV’s vocals. Heavenly piano chords build as the stunning vocal harmonies thicken out the arrangement. The chorus is graceful and soaring, understated and powerful. A classy string arrangement joins in later on to provide a sumptuous crescendo. Hearing it in such a raw essence, we’re once again reminded of what a powerful song Holding On To You really is.

“‘Holding On To You’ is a love story about not giving up on a relationship just because it’s storming” Swedish KEV explains. “In a time where we are used to upgrading, changing and throwing away all sorts of material things, it’s important to not do the same with relationships, friends and family. It’s a hopeful song with a touch of melancholy, about daring to stay and make things work.

There’s more to follow still. Look out for a new remix from JIGS landing on March 1st!

Listen to ‘Holding On To You’ here

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