Vedder & Vedder


The story of Vedder & Vedder began in 2016 when the twins Anne and Esther Vedder tried to capture a moment for someone that means a lot to them. Thanks to their everlasting love for jewelry, they knew we wanted a jewel to carry close to them, one with a personal touch. That was the moment they decided to take this golden opportunity into their own hands; Esther joined a craftsman course, and Anne bought a book on ‘how to start a successful business with your twin sister.’

Fast-forward to today; Vedder & Vedder is becoming the number one jewelry personalization brand in the world, touching the hearts of many people every day. Their jewelry reflects a defining moment in your life — handmade pieces symbolizing that moment with an optimistic view. Worn outwardly, to express what lies within. Born from the curious minds of identical twins, raised by inspirational stories from their wearers.