The Entourage Group

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THE ENTOURAGE GROUP is an unrivalled hospitality empire, renowned for creating internationally acclaimed food and beverage concepts across the world. Their wide range of expertise has been culti-vated extensively through years of hospitality management, operations and fine dining experience. Owners and founders Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, along with the group’s CEO Stephanie Pearson, inspire THE ENTOURAGE GROUP to continually set the new standard for modern hospitality. The currently owned portfolio includes MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Ibiza and Munich), THE BUTCHER, THE BUTCHER West, THE BUTCHER Nine Streets, THE BUTCHER Social Club, THE BUTCHER Berlin, THE BUTCHER Ibiza and THE BUTCHER On Wheels, SHIRKHAN, MR PORTER, awarded by Michelin THE DUCHESS, MAD FOX Club and Toni Loco. The upcoming cities include; Barcelona, Dubai and Milan. Due to the success ofthe group, founder Yossi Eliyahoo was awarded ‘Hospitality Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the prestigious Entrée Hospitality Awards 2015.

The Media Nanny is responsible for the global PR and influencer strategies of overal brand THE ENTOURAGE GROUP. They also work on Toni Loco, Mad Fox and Izakaya Ibiza, part of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP.