Memphis Depay

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Widely considered as one of the best football players in the world, Memphis Depay’s talent is much more extensive than that. Not only does the 26-year old serve the French club Olympique Lyonnais and The Netherlands’ national football team, he has also successfully been trying his hand at music.


Memphis Depay made his official debut for PSV Eindhoven in 2011 and for the Dutch national team in 2013. His football style is often compared to Cristiano Ronaldo’s, resulting in being praised as “one of the best young players in the world”.


His debut single ‘No Love’ was released in 2018, announcing a great musical career ahead. Followed by ‘Fall Back’ and with tracks like ‘5 Milli Freestyle’ and ‘Dubai Freestyle’, Memphis has amassed over 31 million plays on Spotify and YouTube alone.

In 2019, Memphis Depay also published his inspiring biography ‘Heart of a Lion’, written with Dutch sports reporter Simon Zwartkruis. The book tells his story from his childhood full of aggression and fear, with the ball as sole lifebuoy, to being the star of the Dutch national team and Lyon. In this vulnerable, yet powerful and inspiring biography, Memphis also reveals his musical ambitions.

Memphis’ ambitions go much further than that. In 2019, he created his own foundation, Memphis Foundation, to support the deaf and blind children in Ghana. There are around 24,000 deaf and blind children in Ghana that are often forgotten and secluded from a society that turns away from them. The foundation strives to give these children a normal life and allows them to take part in regular activities such as school, sports, games, and other creative projects. Believing in the power of sports and music, the Memphis Foundation works at empowering deaf and bling children and to strengthen the communities that support them.

After bringing his team to the semi-finals of the Champion’s League, Memphis has much more lined up for 2020. With a debut album coming up and a highly anticipated clothing line, this year will doubtlessly be a delight for fans of his verses and footwork alike.