Mad Fox

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Inspired by international clubs in London, New York and Los Angles, MAD FOX focuses on high-quality table service unveiling a unique, high-end style of clubbing to Amsterdam as of 2017. MAD FOX won the title of ‘Best Club’ in Entree Awards during its first year and rapidly became the home of international DJs, celebrities and musical artist. Tumbling down the fox’s hole, through corridors underneath the city, guests enter a world of nocturnal luxury and thirst-quenching extravagance. A sleek crowd flirts with the night and defies the day, partying from late ‘til early in the chic design by BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG. The bar offers a select cocktail list accompanied by magnum bottles of renowned champagnes and premium spirits. Dutch designer Bjorn Van Den Berg, whose designs were worn by artists such as Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj, dressed the VIP hosts and door hosts.

The Media Nanny is responsible for the global PR and influencer strategies of Mad Fox.