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Levi Nine is a Dutch IT Services company with currently over 900 highly educated and skilled IT professionals in Eastern and Central Europe. Levi Nine develops IT solutions in close collaboration with their customers, solutions that generate a competitive advantage for them.

Levi Nine states that their services are not only a collection of technologies and activities. The real difference is made by how they do it. Always together. They support customers in their R&D process, they define software architectures, develop software remotely in their delivery centers and maintain systems and applications. They develop in a smart way, with a focus on effectivity through the right functionality and on efficiency through proven technology, open source solutions and 3rd party services.

Customers of Levi Nine are industry leaders such as TomTom, Bol.com, Exact Software, Backbase, Xerox and Swarco. Levi Nine believes that it is essential that teams share the same goals as their clients, whilst respecting the personal goals and objectives of its professionals. In 2015 Levi Nine Amsterdam was elected
Employer of the Year.