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Jordi van den Bussche has what you cannot teach: a personality as effervescent as his tight curly hair. An openness and honesty that has made him one of the world’s most recognisable YouTube stars. A chatty demeanour that makes him instantly likeable. Online, he is known as Kwebbelkop, which is Dutch for chatterbox, and offline, he is just as approachable and easy going. But don’t let his boyish charm fool you, because Jordi van den Bussche is also a hugely experienced entrepreneur and global influencer with a following of millions.

He might only be in his mid-twenties, but van den Bussche has an understanding of the digital world that goes way beyond his years. He has already proven so successful at what he does that he could have retired a number of years ago and never worked again.

Jordi started out on his mission eight years ago. At the time, he was a teenager who didn’t enjoy school. What he really enjoyed was video games, so he set about uploading a video of him playing computer games every single day. For the next 2955 days – yes, 2955 consecutive days – he uploaded fresh content every 24 hours and made it his job. It was tough going, but he remained absolutely dedicated to his mission. 

Before long, he was earning enough to actually employ his mother, as well as various other members of his team, full time. As his confidence grew, his ideas flourished, and he picked up ever more behind-the-scenes technical skills, meaning his channel soared. It now clocks up 100 million views a month, and has more than 13.5 million subscribers all over the world. His content is always inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, and has expanded from early Minecraft playing videos to reaction videos, commentaries, funny challenges, stick fight animations and more besides, all while the man himself works with a range of globally recognised brands, bring his unique personality and charm each and every time. Because of this success, Jordi has managed to diversify and go way beyond the world of video creation.

Firstly, he has wisely reinvested some of his income in an ever-increasing property portfolio. Aside from the financial side of it, though, Jordi shares his experiences of the property world to help others, namely fellow YouTube stars who might benefit from his guidance.

It finds him sharing his insider knowledge and understanding of arcane YouTube, TikTok and Instagram algorithms with the young and aspiring video makers he unearths online. Helping them reach their potential gives him real satisfaction. Of course, as a lifelong lover of computer games, he still plays them as much as he can in his free time, and 2018 branched out with his own video game production company, Webble Games.

It is already an industry-leading company thanks to Jordi’s unique vision: he foresaw that the future of games was to design them in a way that makes them as fun for spectators to watch online as they are for people to play themselves. Webble Games’s first release, Havocado, is a ragdoll physics based fighting game that immediately proved a huge success. A follow up is in the works, but all that can be said about it for now is that it involves skateboarding.

For Jordi, the future is all online, and he is perfectly placed to remain one of the world’s foremost influencers. Whether that is through video game commentary – which he thinks will become as commonplace as sports commentary – through real world adventures that he narrates in his inimitable style, or through something else he hasn’t even imagined yet, we do not know. But whatever the future brings, you get the impression that this tireless young visionary will be there, leading from the front, and bringing the infectious personality that has made him such a modern day success story.