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Girls Love DJs is a name that’s hot on the lips of those who know in the dance scene right now. While he recently signed t Dutch powerhouse Spinnin’ Records and released his debut single, Dynamite, to great fanfare, he is by no means new to the game.

The Girls Love DJs parties have achieved legendary status in the Netherlands over the last decade, mashing up a myriad of high-energy dance, electronic and pop styles into one colourful concoction at clubs and festivals up and down the country. What started from humble beginnings grew to become a serious movement. DJing under the same name at many of the country’s best parties and achieving a massive fanbase in the process, he established himself as one to watch.

Moving into production was the natural next step, which began in 2015. Early releases and collabs on Armada Deep and Cloud9 made serious headway, with the awesome Easy picking up over 1.3 million plays alone. He has laid down an impressive marker with Spinnin’ in the form of Dynamite alongside mystery name Dux & Bass. A bright and breezy drum & bass meets pop number, it embodies the positive, feel-good spirit that people have come to associate with Girls Love DJs as well as that eclectic mix of sounds. The track picked up over 650,000 plays in just a month from release.

“As A DJ, I am able to do what I like while bringing memories and smiles to the people”, he says. “I want to be globally known for my music and performances. But most of all I want to make music my entire life!” With such great feedback on this Spinnin’ debut, you can expect to hear more colourful productions emerging from his studio sessions on the mega label very soon. The DJ sets will continue to come thick and fast, and the Girls Love DJs name will become ever more unavoidable in clubland!