Fosbury & Sons


Fosbury & Sons is an antidote to the office of the past. Located in the monumental former Prinsengracht hospital in the centre of Amsterdam, they are here to make a difference in the quality of life. The company name, Fosbury & Sons, is a tribute to Dick Fosbury, who changed the world of high jump competition. Like Mr Fosbury, Fosbury & Sons aim to rethink something that is conventional. How can the work environment be redesigned to better suit the needs of today’s generation? How can harmony be created between life and work in our ever-evolving social landscape?

Fosbury & Sons has constructed a new kind of workplace, one that values the humanity of the people within its walls. With Fosbury & Sons – an office for the employee, for the individual, for the start-up and for the entrepreneur – they want to create a renaissance of work. This is a human workspace for your company, big or small. A place you love to go to every single day.

In a world where expectations are high, quality is a given. Where others seek quality, Fosbury & Sons seek to elevate that quality to the higher state of elegance. As beneficiaries of prosperity and economic growth, infinite expansion is not realistic, let alone desirable.

Fosbury and Sons would like to grow from a welfare state into a well-being state. A state of mind that puts quality of life first.

A company, a family, is made out of human beings. The way Fosbury & Sons interacts with others, both inside and outside the organization, matters. From colleagues, to vendors, the members to the visitors, they treat with compassion, sympathy and respect, as it should be. A natural consequence of humans interacting is synergy. All of us are part of a bigger story; the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

In the Fosbury & Sons workplace, there’s space for laughter and pleasure. In that positive energy, results are booked. The sheer enjoyment of life steers us forward and makes us experience things together. What better way to be, in both life and work, than to share, do, learn, evolve, create, and feel together?