Filling Pieces


Filling Pieces is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand founded in 2009. Creative director Guillaume Philibert saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between the streetwear and high fashion sectors by creating affordable, luxury products. ‘Bridging-the-gap’ has become the brand’s ethos and begins at home with the team – a melting pot of cultures, influences and backgrounds.

In April 2021, The Amsterdam-based Fashion brand Filling Pieces celebrated its 10 year anniversary by launching a documentary called ‘Bridging the gap: 10 Years of Filling Pieces’. The documentary gives exclusive insights into the journey of founder Guillaume Philibert and the brand, and tackles important social issues such as discrimination and mental health.

Bridging the gap: 10 Years of Filling Pieces, tells the story of creative director Guillaume Philibert Chin and the journey that got Filling Pieces to where it is now. What once started with the creation of the Low Top shoe during his Engineering studies, eventually resulted in Filling Pieces becoming a household name not only in the footwear industry but also in the international fashion industry. The documentary shows what values have been important to the brand over the past ten years. In the documentary we see his friends and family sharing their personal stories and how they experienced Guillaume as an entrepreneur, son, and husband. The documentary also tackles the relevant topics of navigating the brand through the current global crisis and dealing with mental health issues such as burnout and stress.

Filling Pieces aims to spread values in which diversity is celebrated and different cultures enrich each other by combining different influences from fashion, culture, and design with one another. With his brand, Guillaume wants to contribute to positive change and redefine luxury by making it accessible and inclusive for everyone. Bridging the gap between different people, different cultures, different preferences, and different styles.