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From global success in the commercial domain, to equal accomplishments within the underground scene, Dubfire (aka Ali Shirazinia) is an artist whose drive, talent and intuition have placed him in the top tier of electronic music artists in the world. He maintains this position within the industry with an unrelenting work ethic and a determination to innovate, evolve, and entertain. Whether it’s his involvement with Deep Dish, his solo performances at an extensive list of the world’s most influential clubs and festivals, his dubfire:live HYBRID show, running his label SCI+TEC, or simply his exploration of audio and visual technology, Dubfire is in a class of his own.

Born in Iran and raised in the U.S. from the age of seven, Ali first developed his skills playing at local clubs in Washington, D.C. He was introduced to Sharam Tayebi through a childhood friend and they formed Deep Dish; a production and DJ duo that conquered the world of electronic music, picking up a Grammy in the process, in addition to a vast array of other awards and accolades. At the height of their success both opted to take a step back and pursue solo careers, with the Dubfire alias allowing him to express his deep love for underground house and techno which formed the backbone of his foray into electronic music. Despite skepticism from certain quarters within the industry, Dubfire quickly integrated himself into the minimalistic techno scene and produced several key releases that cemented him as a true visionary and a force to be reckoned with. From ‘Ribcage’, ‘Emissions’ and ‘Roadkill,’ to his work with Oliver Huntemann and his remix of ‘Spastik’ by Plastikman, Dubfire’s creations perfectly display his musical dexterity and depth of aural knowledge. His iconic remix of Radio Slave and Danton Eeeprom’s ‘Grindhouse’ is considered one of the most enduring and influential markers of his signature sound, as well as a bona fide techno classic.

His ascent was swift and assured, taking him to the upper echelons of the techno sphere. A fascination with technology and its implementation within both the studio and on stage put Dubfire in a unique position. As someone who performs with an array of equipment, he has advanced the role of the DJ from someone who mixes records, to an individual who manipulates and creates new music on the fly, further blurring the boundaries between DJ and live performer. This ad-lib style leads to a constantly exhilarating, unpredictable show and demonstrates his penchant for technology.

Now splitting his time between Los Angeles, Washington D.C and Barcelona, Dubfire travels on a regular basis, spreading his sound from Brazil to Japan, and everywhere in between. From Warung in Itajai to Womb in Tokyo to DC10 in Ibiza, Dubfire has performed at nearly every club, festival and event worldwide.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Dubfire spent two years crafting a live show; his HYBRID concept has been wowing audiences since its soft launch debut at the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2014. Described by Thump as, “unlike anything we had previously seen or heard before anywhere,” HYBRID reinvents the concert experience by seamlessly weaving together elements of 2D and 3D animation with live audio and lighting to explore the intersection of science and technology – of man and machine – and their resulting evolution and inevitable fusion. After touring 12 different countries in 2015, the critically acclaimed show will touch down at more of the biggest events across the globe including Coachella, Movement and IMS in 2016.

Dubfire reunited with Sharam in 2014 to take Deep Dish back on the road for a limited run, cultivating a batch of new material and a scintillating production and visual show to match. As the duo explained to The Miami New Times, “we’ve come back to together to tell the rest of the story.” The continuation of this story involves an album project, a comprehensive world tour, as well as an extensive retrospective package of their stellar past work.

Dubfire’s story is also set to be told through a documentary; titled “Above Ground Level”. The film chronicles his career trajectory from fleeing Iran as a youngster to becoming one of the biggest electronic music stars on the planet. Telling a human story of an immigrant in pursuit of the American dream, the film steers clear of past electronic music cliches and gives an in depth look at the hard work and sacrifice needed to become a success within the electronic music scene. Featuring honest contributions from his closest friends and family, along with peers such as David Guetta, Richie Hawtin, Pete Tong, and Carl Cox, it reinforces his stellar achievements and gives an inside look into Dubfire’s journey.

Dubfire continues to push the envelope and challenge himself, with 2016 marking a major milestone for the constantly evolving artist who will celebrate a decade as a solo artist. He is set to kick off the North American leg of his dubfire:live HYBRID tour where he will headline a stage at the Coachella Music Festival.