April 9 2018

Oliver Heldens discusses HI-LO touch ”King Kong” and more with The DJ List

How did you get started with music in the beginning?

At a very young age I was into dance music. Like 10 or 11, I was into hard dance like jump style and hard style. In high school there were really big parties with some Dutch DJs who were back then really small like HARDWELLFEDDE LE GRANDCHUCKIE, etc. They all played house and electro which I got hooked on but I also wanted to play my own music. My neighbor and also my friend who was two years older made music in FL Studio. I already knew about producing and so was my brother and his brother as well. When I was 15 I really wanted to develop myself more and read tutorials and produce every day. It all happened pretty quick, after I signed to Spinnin’ Records I released “Gecko” and “Koala” which blew up.

Who or what would you say is your biggest musical inspiration?

So the tracks that broke my through like “Gecko” and “Koala”, I was inspired by house and electro in 2008 like Fedde Le Grand, Chocolate Puma, BINGO PLAYERS, etc. But the thing was that at that time I was also inspired by garage and deep house in UK like Disclosure, Shadow Child, MK, etc. It was very refreshing for me. Since then I started making more house again and bring the 2008 sound back.

Describe to us your sound.

Most of my music is pretty groovy and funky. At the same time it’s very catchy and energetic. It’s very danceable. What you see is that when dance music gets to be high energy then it gets less groovy and funky. I guess with my music what made it so different was both funky and groovy while still being very energetic for the main stage.

Talk to us about your recent record “King Kong” (HI – LO Touch).

I made it in Ibiza last summer. I was in a villa there all summer for residency. One day I made a track and started playing it.

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Oliver Heldens