December 7 2018

Nicky Romero, SLVR and EAUXMAR remix Martin Garrix and MIKE YUNG’s ‘Dreamer’

Martin Garrix’s Dreamer collaboration with America’s Got Talent semi-finalist, MIKE YUNG, has proved to be one of the year’s most unexpected collaborations—and a true hit for this unique pairing.

Garrix discovered the 58-year-old singer through Instagram, where he saw a clip of him busking in the metro. He reached out to the man with the spine-tingling voice and the two recorded ‘Dreamer’ in Garrix’s Amsterdam based studio. Now come three new remixes to give the track another lease of life.

Listen to the remixes here

Nicky Romero teases us with a stripped-back beginning, sweet 8-bit keys and majestic strings as his remix beings in gentle fashion. Don’t be fooled though: huge, euphoric synths and pounding beats await the patient listeners. He makes the most of the glorious vocals and the rousing gospel singing later in the track.

SLVR delivers a rolling, deep house flavoured version, punctuated by clipped percussion and a gentle shuffle. The tight groove is combined with a pared-back take on the original’s warm chord progression, with intricately chopped-up vocals providing another layer of groove.

EAUXMAR completes the package, leading immediately with the rousing vocal before unfolding a chugging trap-style beat. The brass continues to lift you up on the second drop, making for a highly-inventive, spacious-sounding remix that provides a different flavour from the other mixes and the original.

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