October 9 2020

Memphis Depay tackles the trappings of fame on ‘Blessing’

Footballer/rapper double threat Memphis Depay’s musical career goes from strength to strength with the release of glorious new single ‘Blessing’.

This new single is all about being thankful for what you’ve got and not taking anything for granted — something he holds at the core of his philosophy. Seems like everybody wishing for the same sh*t” the chorus laments. “They want a rollie and a chain / you’re the type of people who complain/waiting for a blessing but forget to pray”. It’s a neat summation of the impatient attitude that social media can help to perpetuate, and he’s going to lengths to try and flip the script and spread the wisdom of patience and gratitude.

Sweet, subtle chime melodies and soft touches of strings lace Rass King’sdeep hip-hop beat beautifully, giving the track a gently uplifting feel while the bottom end booms with intent.

Shot in his hometown of Moordrecht, the feel-good clip features dozens of his hometown friends playing football and celebrating together. It’s an important reminder to never forget where you came from, and to appreciate the things and people who helped support and grow you as a person.

Blessing is out now!

Watch the video here

Memphis Depay