October 16 2020

Memphis Depay announces MDC clothing brand

Besides being a world-class football player and a rapidly-rising music artist, the prolific, entrepreneurial talent that is Memphis Depay has now revealed the upcoming launch of his own clothing brand: Memphis Depay Clothing.

Check out the lookbooks here

MDC will launch with a range of clean-cut, colourful designs based around his ‘blind and deaf to the world’ logo. The silhouette logo plays on his famous goal celebration, showing a person with their fingers in their ears. They also don’t have any eyes, with the intention of showing a person who is totally unaffected by the opinions of others. It’s a reflection of Memphis’ own attitude to life — a twist on the ‘haters gon’ hate’ adage, and a bold statement of intent to do his own thing however and whenever he wants. It’s an inspirational approach that he hopes to carry forward through the empowering clothing designs.

“It became very clear in an early stage that this logo had to do something with my trademark: fingers in both ears when I score” he says of the genesis of the logo. “We created exactly that what I had in mind. If you believe in something that you can achieve, I think you will make it if you put everything into it. BLIND AND DEAF TO THE WORLD  means a lot to me because people are always going to have an opinion whether it be your parents, your friends, your teammates, or the media and I respect everyone’s opinion and am always open to criticism but in the end I’m the only one who can make a decision. This “tunnel vision” really helped me throughout my career and got me where I am today. It strengthens my focus and really guides the way I live my life, and I really wanted my brand to convey that.”

He recently received the first samples of the products and created a video / photoshoot to show off what fans can expect from the range. “I’ve always been into fashion and I dare to wear pieces that other people wouldn’t necessarily put on or combine so it felt like a logical step for me. With my collection however I decided to keep the design very neat and simple because I really wanted my logo to stand out and to convey its message. It’s a collection of comfortable clothes that are affordable, it is important to me that my fans and young people can also buy the pieces and proudly carry out the BLIND AND DEAF TO THE WORLD lifestyle.”

Get your early access code to be the first one to buy the pieces on October 26th and look out for MDC launching on October 28th!

Memphis Depay