April 30 2021

KhoMha debuts on Heldeep Records with the deep sound of ‘Carbon Voice’

Colombian DJ and producer Roberto Alzate, better known as KhoMha, debuts on Heldeep Records with profound tune ‘Carbon Voices’. After being premiered in Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep Radio, Khomha’s massive track will make the floor in the clubs go tremble.

Listen here

Inspired by the old school rave garage sound, KhoMha showcases his superb production skills by combining a heavy techno kick in the intro with trance sounds generating more energy towards the break. Announcing the first drop with a vocal sample of his own voice, a heavy beat drops. After reminiscing towards the second drop, ‘Carbon Voices’ gradually intensifies through energetic chord progressions and a groovy beat. Following on the energetic pulses of the chorus, the track slowly fades out with a propelling synth hook.

Gaining support from heavy hitters in the scene for the likes of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Chris Reece, and Thomas Schwartz, KhoMha has established himself as a respected artist. Combining trance, progressive, and techno, KhoMha has mastered a unique style which he showcases on tracks such as ‘Tierra’ and his remix of ‘Gone My Way’, as well as his guest mix at Armin van Buuren’s label A State of Trance.