February 21 2020

Julian Jordan finally releases long awaited radio track ‘Love You Better’

Julian Jordan switches between club and pop styles with more ease than almost anyone, and his latest anthem ‘Love You Better’ is set to dominate both arenas with its memorable songwriting and tight production.

Listen to ‘Love You Better’ here

The yearning vocals set the tone immediately over graceful, muted puds and handclaps. The powerful chorus arrives with piano chords in support before we explode into a taut house groove powered by elastic bass tones and super-punchy beats. A dazzling vox synth riff arrives as a melodic counterpoint, its digitised feel contrasting beautifully with the smooth vocal.

It’s a personal track for Jordan, as the vocals come from his very own love, Kimberly Fransens. Known for her appearances on TV show ‘The Voice Holland’, she tried her hand at the vocal for fun after Jordan tried out a few different vocalists. He quickly realised the track was destined to be sung by her, and the rest is history!

The official follow-up to the glorious radio single ‘To The Wire’, ‘Love You Better’ looks like another absolute smash for Mr. Jordan, and this is only the start of 2020..

Julian Jordan