August 8 2018

Joris Voorn had a chat with The Folks Magazine

“Try to keep things new and interesting, for yourself.”
Born into a musically minded family, with one parent a composer and the other a music teacher, Joris Voorn grew up playing the violin and guitar. Yet his initial dream was to become an architect, and his search for the right outlet for creative expression would involve him in skateboarding and photography before finally returning him to his first love, music. Today he is among the most renowned DJs in the underground house music and techno scene, and co-owns the Amsterdam-based labels Rejected and Green.
Interview & translation: Inge Oosterhoff
Photography: Jerome de Lint

To start things off, which song does Joris Voorn keep on repeat all day? I have been listening to a lot of piano music. I’ve had the album Velvet by Michiel Borstlap on repeat for a while now. It’s truly fantastic music, very calming but also incredibly inspiring on so many levels.

That’s a surprising answer from a techno DJ. Care to explain? Well, I started taking piano lessons recently, shortly after I turned forty. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never really got around to, and I finally found the time and motivation to do it. It’s great! I just bought a beautiful hundred-year-old piano. I had a piano before, but it was kind of crappy, so I invested in a really good one for myself and my son and we’re taking lessons with the same teacher.

So can we expect a Joris Voorn in Concert tour anytime soon? Haha, probably not! Our teacher does organise recitals with her students, where everyone has to play something for friends and family, and I recently took part in one of these, which was an interesting experience. I had just started, so all I could play was this simple tune from a music book for beginners. It was kind of embarrassing. To be honest, I was more nervous for that than I am playing a DJ-set in front thousands!

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