June 3 2019

Italian internet sensation and DJ/producer Gianluca Vacchi launches fitness bike ‘#Enjoybike’

Gianluca Vacchi lives life to the fullest, as demonstrated by his presence on social media which makes for utterly compulsive viewing. While he already has major achievements in business behind him, he is currently working on his musical career. But this weekend he proved to keep his entrepreneurial spirit alive by launching his own fitness bike called the‘#Enjoybike by Gianluca Vacchi’.

Most of Vacchi’s Instagram videos show him dancing or working out in the gym, his two passions. “I try to work out two times a day. This keeps me fit and in shape” says Vacchi. A collaboration with #Enjoybike was a logical next step. “The bike represents the meeting point between aerobic activity and infrared technology. Not only does this bike helps to improve the sports performance and to reduce body fat, it also improves cellular metabolism and body tissues’ oxygenation.” states Vacchi.

The #Enjoybike was launched last weekend during the renowned Rimini Wellness fair in Italy. For more information see this website.

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