August 29 2017

Inside Audio talks with Nick Martin about his personal passion for producing and gear

This month Inside Audio had the chance to interview Nick Martin from Greece, he toured with The Chainsmokers, Nervo and Alesso. Venue’s like Ushuaïa Ibiza, Ultra and Liv are not strange to Nick anymore. They spoke with Nick about his personal passion for producing and gear.

Hi, Nick! Please introduce yourself.
Hey everybody, my name is Nick Martin. I am a producer and DJ from Athens Greece. I started as a DJ in Greece, where I would play in clubs and lounges, gradually learning and perfecting my skill as a DJ. I learned what works and what not on the dancefloor. As time passed by, I became better and I learned to feel the crowd and how to interact with them to give them night they hoped for. From there on I started producing, because I wanted people to dance to the music I made and I’ve put all my energy into trying to create good music that make people happy and give them a good time. Step by step I learned how to become a better producer. I love the challenge and am always learning and growing.
What is the most interesting difference in the club scene for you compared to 1996/2000 and 2017?

The sound, the space, the technology and the ability to connect with the crowd on a level that’s interactive and energetic. You can feel the energy in clubs now more than ever. Clubs tend to create these unforgettable parties and put a lot of money and all their efforts in creating an incredible atmosphere that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

Do you miss to spinning on vinyl sometimes?
I loved playing on Vinyl. There is an amazing warm sound to Vinyl but I am all digital all the way. I always look forward to what is next! There are a lot of benefits to playing digital and for me personally, they outweigh playing with vinyl.

Do you test your tracks in the club, before you release them? Did you build an own structure for this process?
Always. I tested my new single “I’m Ready” many times on the tour I did with The Chainsmokers.

Testing a record in different venues give me a real-time reaction to the song, my production, the drops and the mix overall. You immediately know what works and it can be an eye/ear opener when hearing your own music on big systems in different venues.

What is the perfect balance for you between producing music and touring?
I love the studio and I love to tour. When I return from a tour I go right back in the studio and feel fresh and excited. 50/50 would be ideal! It works pretty much hand in hand with each other. You get so much energy from performing your music, which fuels your drive to create new music and once you have your new music you can’t wait to share and show the world what it is that you’ve made.

How do you start out with a new track, are there workflow structures that you hold on to?
I start with a melody and a vibe. If those two things are on point everything comes together perfectly.

Name your three favourite hardware studio picks:

1. Yamaha MOTIF XF8 Synthesizer
Great for complex, layered sounds for all different kinds of music styles. A beast with a lot of faces.

2. Bricasti M7 Reverb
A reverb that sounds so musical in every sense of the word. Easy to use and a breathtaking sound.

3. SSL G-Comp Stereo Bus Compressor Module for 500 Series
The glue that brings the stuff together and makes it all sound as one coherent piece of music. I love it on drums but it has a lot of ways to bring your music to life.

These 3 are my go to studio picks I can’t do without.

Name your three favourite software studio picks:

1. xfer Records Serum VST
Amazing wavetable synth that is capable of creating incredible sounds, that lets you go as deep as you want. You have so many great options and features but still presented to you in a sleek and user-friendly way.

2. Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack
So much good stuff, you’ve got to check it out for yourself. For mixing purposes a must have. It’s like a Swiss army knife.

3. FabFilter Pro-Q 2
My go to EQ for almost everything, also one of the most intuitive user interfaces I know
Simply perfect.

Is there a plugin that you used from the start and still use on every track?
Ableton’s build in Auto Filter does the job each time!

Do you have any tips for producers that just starting out?
Don’t buy lots of stuff at the same time (hardware or virtual) so you can sequence the learning of your gear and have an in depth understanding of all you work with, Youtube tutorials, and reading Inside Audio all the time and have as much fun as possible!

Source: Inside Audio

Nick Martin