August 12 2017

Illustrado Magazine featured Laidback Luke about the highlights in his journey as an artist and more

“What I love most about making music and playing music is the ability to create something that has a certain emotion, something that will touch big groups of people and can give them a long lasting memory. Making something that’s just a concept or a spark in the brain, finishing it and then putting it out for the world to enjoy has been truly magical!”

Illustrado talked to Dutch-Filipino DJ Laidback Luke who was nominated in for the best European DJ award from the 27th Dance Music Awards and #46 on DJ Mag‘s Top 100 DJs list in 2008, reaching #27 in 2009 and #17 in 2010. This wildly successful musician-slash-kung fu practitioner has worked with artists such as David Guetta, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, Example and Junior Sanchez and played throughout Europe and North America as well as shows in Japan and Ibiza. He also released three studio albums: Psyched Up (1998), Electronic Satisfaction (2002), Cream Ibiza Super You & Me (2011) as well as a mix album, Windmill Skill (2003).

How did you get into music and how do you create pieces?
I’ve been producing music since I was 15 years old when a friend showed me it was possible to make music with the help of a computer. I was never the best at playing instruments so I found out the computer could help me reach my full potential. I work mainly in concepts. I’ll try and imagine the track to sound like that and that track with a bit of another track in there. Even with sounds I can use references in my mind. So there’s never a lack of inspiration because you can literally take anything out there and be inspired.

How do you make your work distinctive?
You don’t need to worry about that. There are a few things: always try and keep a little bit of edge in there. So a track can sound perfectly mix, but will only really pop if you put something dirty up against it. To be distinctive, the only thing you need to do is dive into yourself. Luckily every person is unique, and so are you. You have to trust that and just really make what triggers that personality in you.

What have been highlights in your journey as an artist so far?
I’ve pretty much done it all. From being no one, to learning how to produce, to handing out my first demos, to get signed, to release tracks internationally, to start doing photoshoots and interviews, to signing a major deal, to getting famous, to fall back into a dip, to crawl back up again, to maintaining my career. All of it mattered! Every downfall or struggle is part of the bigger picture.

Latest Projects
My newest track is out right now with the hottest DJ/producer right now: Florian Picasso. Our track is called ‘With Me’ and features the vocals of Tania Zygar. This is out on the Spinnin’ Records label at this moment!

What’s your hope for the future?
I have one dream left and that is to score an international cross-over hit. I just need one and my life is made ha ha. In other news, we’re about to start with making my new album and I’m very excited about it!

Source: Illustrado Magazine

Laidback Luke