March 15 2018

The Idle Man discussed Labyrinth’s Mythological Status with Hot Since 82

Yorkshire native Hot Since 82, aka Daley Padley, is undoubtedly one of electronic music’s biggest players. Having burst onto the scene in 2011, the Leeds born and bred DJ and producer has amassed a following of cult-like status due to his hypnotic grooves and heavy basslines. The tech house and techno MVP has taken his events Knee Deep in Sound and Labyrinth to unprecedented heights and made a huge impression in Ibiza last year after his sold out event, Labyrinth, at Pacha.

Labyrinth is a party like no other and is completely different to Knee Deep in Sound. Following on from the success of those Friday’s at Pacha, Hot Since 82 has taken everything that he learned from last season into 2018. The raw sense of drive and passion that comes from Daley when talking about Labyrinth is like no other artist I have spoken to before. I can tell that this interview is going to be a good one from the word go.

Once the formalities have been uttered, and my dogs stop barking at the cat in the kitchen, we jump straight into it. “What sort of dog have you got then? I’m married to a Maltese terrier mate. She’s rough!”, Daley tells me. “Right then, let’s get into it, let’s crack on.” If you say so, Daley.

TIM: How’s Argentina?
HS82: Yeah, lovely at the minute, I’m just sat on the rooftop with my manager just going through some bits. We did a rooftop terrace party last night in Buenos Aries and recorded it so we’re just streaming live right now and monitoring it to see the reaction. Also going through what’s coming up for Ibiza and of course Tobacco Dock. Just enjoying this last couple of hours because we’re flying tomorrow, so yeah, feeling good.

I saw you announced Labyrinth is back at Pacha on Friday’s this year, are you excited?
Yeah totally! We’ve been lucky enough to work with Pacha again and be invited back for the second year which we’re all extremely happy about. We’re actually just in the process of finalising all of it. It’s been a busy winter for us all and we’re more or less finished now in getting prepared. Last year was great – really, really exciting times. I’ve been going to Pacha for a very, very long time as a raver, so to be asked to host a night there was a very humbling feeling.

Have you got some of the big names again like last year?
You know, a lot of electronic DJs that play on the island have been playing there for quite some time so they have already built some relationships with other brands as well. We were quite late being put into Pacha so we were against it talent-wise, but at the same time, I think we did a phenomenal job last year. We’ve been building on that with this year’s lineups and we’ve taken inspiration from that.

We’re a bit more established now as well, so we’ve fattened the talent up a little bit and it’s all looking extremely well. The weekly talent flow is looking incredible for this summer!

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