September 21 2018


After topping Spotify’s Viral 50 charts globally with summer anthem, “Bella Ciao” HUGEL unveils another remix of one of El Profesor’s finest records. The French DJ and producer is acclaimed for amping up top Billboard tracks, and his latest remix comes after remixes he did for Tiesto, Post Malone, Preme, Dzeko and more.

Ce Soir?” is based on Lady Marmalade, a song originally written in the 70s that has since been covered in several internationally acclaimed versions. With a knack for turning classics into dancefloor bangers, HUGEL’s remix does just that.

Starting off with the stunning vocals of Laura White, the record begins with a fast clap before HUGEL’s signature low bassline chimes in. He’s gone for a feel-good euphoric edit with a vibrating, bright melody and snappy beats.

The new release comes as a bittersweet ending to an eventful summer for the viral artist. 2018 was a remarkable summer for HUGEL, with Bella Ciao, amassing over 100 million streams, holding the number 1 place on iTunes in Germany and Belguim, all while he toured to play for his ever-growing fan base in different cities around the world.


About Scorpio Music

Scorpio Music is more than just an independent French record label. This fast-growing full-service label and publishing company goes back 4 decades. Founded by Henri Belolo, producer and composer of The Village People, Scorpio Music already claimed its position in the international music industry. Now run by his son Anthony Belolo, Scorpio Music is back on top of the game. With a family-like set up, the label is able to give all their artists personalized attention with the resources and distribution of a major label. The success of the label clearly reflects in their success with Willy William, who had his first global hit Mi Gente within 4 months after signing to Scorpio Music.


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